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Music Jobs

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Maybe you want to mix and meet with artists, promote a genre you love, or work on tour. No matter what your passion in music, we're here to help you find your next gig.


Music Jobs and Career Advice - March 2017

Careers in the music industry often seem to be insider secrets, only given to those people "in the know" -- well you are in luck, because you know us. If music is your passion let us help you find a music job. Our powerful search tool and industry contacts are ready and willing to work for you to find the music career you've always wanted. From sound designers to music managers to artist reps -- we scour music jobs from employers across the country to bring you the best results. No more cold-calling or searching thousands of sites; find and apply for careers in the music industry right here. So what are you waiting for? Don't just dream about music jobs -- make a career in music your reality!

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Featured Music Jobs

Live Nation - Maryland Heights MO

Pandora - Oakland CA

Live Nation - Wallingford CT

Sony Music Entertainment - Culver City CA

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