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  Assistant Producer, Planet Money, Indicator
Employer: National Public Radio (NPR) Job Posted: 8/15/2019
Location: New York, NY Job Status: Full Time

Job Description:

A thriving, mission-driven multimedia organization, NPR produces award-winning news, information, and music programming in partnership with hundreds of independent public radio stations across the nation. The NPR audience values information, creativity, curiosity, and social responsibility – and our employees do too. We are innovators and leaders in diverse fields, from journalism and digital media to IT and development. Every day, our employees and member stations touch the lives of millions worldwide.

Q: When Adam Smith was a boy, how did he sneak money from his Mom’s purse without getting caught?

• A: He used the Invisible Hand.
• Q: What happens when you put 10 economists in a room?
• A: You'll get 11 opinions.
• Q: How many central bank economists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
• A: Just one -- she holds the light bulb and the whole earth revolves around her.
• If none of these (admittedly rather poor) jokes resonate with you in any way, then this job may not be for you. But if you’re the kind of producer that both nerds out on economics and sees the lighter side of the dismal science, then keep on reading (and feel free to send us some better economist jokes, if you know any)!
• So, you’re a fellow economics nerd. Welcome! The Indicator from Planet Money is a news show, but we often approach stories from the side, rather than head on. That means we’re looking for someone who doesn’t just have an eye on the news, but who has great ideas about unusual and counterintuitive angles on the economics stories of the day. Someone who reads business pages and economists' websites, sure, but also someone who sees the hidden economics stories in novels, biographies and even mainstream movies. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, who can deepen and broaden our coverage and inform our audience about the way economics affects the full panoply of individuals and comunities.
• The Indicator is a daily show, which means we need a producer who can cut tape at lightning speed, on deadline and within defined time limits. Someone with a honed sense of humor and an ear for great tape, who can make hard calls under time pressure to produce the most engaging, informative and data-rich audio programming about economics and business that it’s possible to hear in the market today. Someone who is predisposed to handling adversity with a smile, and interacting with colleagues with politeness and courtesy.
• We do everything we can to get into the field, so we’re looking for a producer with field experience. Someone who is familiar with an wide range of recording equipment and methodology; and who is comfortable gathering tape both independently and alongside a host or reporter.
• Over the last year, we’ve developed a loyal and enthusiastic following on social media. We want to hire someone who understands social, and who can approach that aspect of news gathering and distribution in an innovative way; someone who can grow that audience in size and diversity, and who can help us find the best and most useful way to interact with those followers.
• As you might expect from an economics show, we live and die by the data. We’re looking for someone who’s comfortable with dealing with numbers, and has a watchful eye for detail. And who’s not afraid of either pointing out or correcting errors when they occur. To that end, we’ve made three delibrate mistakes in this posting: see if you can spot them for us.
• We are a small but vibrant team on the Indicator. We work hard and fast, and we have a lot of fun producing our show. If you think you’d enjoy doing what we do, we’d love to hear from you. When you apply through the NPR website, tell us your three favourite shows. Let us know what you think makes them special, and what you might have added to make them even better.


• Find & produce original story ideas on a tight deadline.
• Suggest and book guests for hosts to interview.
• Prepare stories and approaches for interview, maybe do them yourself.
• Mix podcast episodes using digital audio editing software.
• Write web and social media posts.
• Reply to social media comments and listener questions.
• Think strategically about audience development, and work to execute that strategy.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

: Bachelors degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.


• At least four years of audio production experience.
• Audio editing experience in ProTools or equivalent.
• Demonstrated experience in finding and pre-interviewing subjects for interview.
• Proven facility in sourcing and booking guests for a podcast, radio or TV show, or equivalent.
• Demonstrated ability to work quickly and efficiently on deadline pressure, while maintaining a positive mental attitude.
• Ability and willingness to relocate. NPR may choose to transfer employees to other geographic locations. Severance provisions of the AFTRA collective bargaining agreement will apply should you choose not to accept a transfer.
• Ability and willingness to work varied shifts.
• Proven ability to consistently work well with others, demonstrating at all times respect for the diverse constituencies at NPR, and within the public radio system.


• Experience in developing and executing social media strategies.
• Video editing kills.
• Academic background in economics, or work experience in finance, economic policy, or any other fiend covered by Planet Money.
• Reporting skils.

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