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  Non-Linear Compositor, Design
Employer: Turner Broadcasting Job Posted: 8/26/2019
Location: Atlanta, GA Job Status: Full Time

Job Description:

The Non-linear Compositor for CNN is responsible for compositing multiple layers of video, film, 2D and 3D elements using After Effects, Cinema 4D, Apple or similar software-based non-linear systems.

The Compositor must be proficient and comfortable with advanced aspects of compositing and editing including Color Corrector, BiCubic and surfaces, 2D & 3D tracking and image stabilization, the Modular Keyer, sparks, lighting, frame/field management, paint, logic operations, Batch and/or vertical editing, audio editing, keyframe and animation curve editing and other skills required to seamlessly integrate elements into a professional and technically sound product.

The Day-to-Day

The Non-Linear Compositor possesses the ability to use these skills in a timely manner that keeps clients informed and at ease. S/he uses advanced rotoscoping techniques when required for "garbage" masks or image enhancement or correction.
S/he works with various clients, designers, directors and other compositors to solve creative and technical problems in compositing and for Critical On-Air and Live Production in the Control Rooms.

The Compositor is responsible for technical and aesthetic qualities of compositing for each project. S/he assists and educates artists and designers with CNN Design equipment and software. S/he continues self-education of current and developing advanced compositing techniques and applications.

S/he Troubleshoots and critiques performance and capabilities of Unix, Mac OS, Windows NT and other proprietary broadcast equipment. The Compositor recognizes proper color space, formats and standards to use based on the project's requirements. S/he understands and effectively uses waveform monitor, vectorscope, vu meters and other test and measurement equipment.

The Compositor understands and plans effective use of resources based upon the needs of a project. S/he effectively communicates project status with clients, artists and management. S/he has the ability to collaborate with other contributors (such as audio composers/sound effects designers) to the completion of a project.
S/he maintains a group of repeat clients with a reputation of high quality work. S/he is able to interpret client direction and raise production value of material with creative contributions based on experience, technical knowledge and artistic style.
Due to the ever-changing nature of the industry, the Compositor continually researches/develops Flame/Fire and/or other software-based advanced compositing techniques, as well as related skills such as plug ins, Adobe After Effects and/or others as they become available. S/he builds knowledge base and/or skills related to other systems and tools in the Compositing department. S/he applies new skills to our projects and processes.

The Non-Linear Compositor acts as a participant in preproduction meetings with clients and designers to develop production techniques and time estimations essential for projects to go smoothly. S/he advises artists in Breaking News situations.
The Compositor follows standard operating procedures, archives projects to enable repurposing of assets and creation of additional versions or revisions of completed projects. S/he effectively uses library, logging and/or database management software. S/he attends staff/departmental meetings and training when required. The Compositor accurately documents work related information via TSP, timesheets, etc.

The Essentials

• Minimum of 3 years advanced compositing and/or broadcast television related experience.
• Proficient in project archiving and file management and maintains a clean file system necessary for efficient workflow.
• Willingness to take on responsibilities outside of his/her job description or work overtime as needed to respond to client needs or broadcast requirements.
• Effectively uses time management skills in Breaking News Situations, must be available to respond promptly to communication and arrive for sessions in a timely manner.

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