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  Lead Artist, Concept
Employer: Warner Bros. Entertainment Group Job Posted: 4/10/2015
Location: Kirkland, WA Job Status: Full Time
Experience Level: Sr. Management

Job Description:


For over 20 years Monolith has been obsessed with delivering unique gaming experiences for our fans. Combining innovative gameplay, cutting edge technology and AI, inventive narratives and stunning visuals to create award winning and best-selling games. Starting with our first game, Blood through to our most recent title, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor which has been awarded with numerous Game of the Year Awards, including Gamespot, Joystiq and IGN as well as Best Action/Adventure Game at the 2014 Game Awards.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our next game is our best yet, and to achieve that we need the best and brightest talent the industry has to offer.

Monolith Productions, a division of WB games Inc., seeks a Lead Concept Artist to work directly with the Director of Art, Design Leadership, Concept Artists, and Content Leads to help create and define the overall visual style of studio projects. The Lead Concept Artist will have outstanding fundamental traditional fine art skills with a deep understanding of modern concept art software/tools. The Lead Concept Artist is responsible for generating a variety of industry leading AAA character concepts, environment concepts, matte paintings, industrial design imagery, and graphic design/UI imagery to aid in the artistic development of a given project. Additionally, the Lead Concept Artist will have excellent illustration skills with an ability to create a variety of marketing materials within established studio brands and beyond. Candidate will provide direction, feedback and mentorship where applicable towards increasing quality and efficiency of studio concept art creation. The Lead Concept artist will be a student of pop culture trends across the entertainment industry. They will be fluent in a variety of artistic styles with a sharp focus on creating realistic concept art.


• Create environment concept art, matte paintings, and architecture studies.
• Create illustrations for project marketing materials.
• Create sketches and detailed renderings of props and individual environmental elements.
• Create sketches, detailed renderings and turnarounds for character and creature studies.
• Provide supplemental visual direction to team production artists to ensure visual design of content is coherent and within brand.
• Coordinate with Director of Art, Production, Concept Artists, and Content Leads on assignments for the concept art team ensuring concept art team meets milestone goals at high quality.
• Motivate, mentor and inspire concept art team, guiding them through various stages of production with clear direction.
• Create UI and Graphic Design mockups.
• Participate in appropriate meetings and discussions to ensure team goals are being meet at a high quality, within scope, in style, and on brand.
• Create style sheets and help champion reference gathering efforts towards bringing clarity to project visual direction goals.


• BA in art or related field or equivalent experience.
• Industry leading understanding of human anatomy with an ability to render realistic female and male concepts.
• Industry leading understanding of animal anatomy with an ability to render realistic animal and creature concepts.
• Industry leading understanding of costume design throughout human history with a focus on the medieval timeframe.
• Industry leading understanding of geography, geology, terrain, flora with an ability to render realistic environment concepts.
• Industry leading understanding of a variety of architectural styles throughout history with an application to architectural studies/concepts.
• Industry leading understanding of color theory, value structure, and lighting fundamentals with an application to both character and environment concept art.
• Industry leading understanding of material definition with an ability to render highly realistic materials as needed.
• Strong understanding of industrial design with an application in describing function and form.
• Strong understanding of modern matte painting techniques.
• Strong understanding of modern pop culture trends within the entertainment industry with an ability to successfully apply to concept art and product style.
• Must have an active, passionate interest in current video games to help drive the game to the next level.
• Able to work well under pressure and deadlines with minimal supervision.
• Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
• Diligence with individual and team tasks.
• Solid organization and production skills.
• High capacity to learn new concept art tools and techniques to help increase quality and efficiency of concept art team.
• Must be proficient with 2D applications such as Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator etc.
• Solid understanding of 3D applications such as Zbrush, Maya/Max.
• Solid understanding of motion graphic software such as After Effects and Premier.
• 10+ years working as a Concept Artist or Illustrator.
• 2 AAA shipped titles as Lead Concept Artist.
• 1 AAA shipped Current Gen title desired.

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