Master Control Operator
Employer: WXIA-TV Job Posted: 1/25/2020
Location: Atlanta, GA Job Status: Full Time

Job Description:

As a master control operator, your principal responsibilities include keeping the program log, monitoring our off-air signal and reading transmitter levels for WXIA-TV and WATL-TV including their digital sub-channels. You are also responsible for checking the Crispin file server for both stations to make sure it corresponds with the program log. Additionally, you are responsible for monitoring the playlist and off-air signal for The W.I.Z. Channel, Antenna TV, This TV, Justice TV and Quest TV including managing local cut-ins, commercials and program insertions.

As a T.O.C. operator for the Networks of 11Alive your principal responsibilities are to playback and/or record syndicated programs. Part of the record process is to program syndicated shows into the Crispin Automated Record system for “The Networks” and segment them for proper air playback for both stations including our digital sub-channels. It is also your responsibility to record commercials into the Crispin Dubber system and check the Air Client playlist to ensure proper commercial air playback for both stations. You are also responsible for tuning satellite shots for the newscast and Atlanta & Company Show in addition to tuning syndicated satellite shots for on-air programming.

Some of your master control responsibilities are to insert local commercials breaks during live, syndicated and network programming. Your cue to insert local commercials is provided by properly reading program formats and network scheduling messages from NBC’s Affiliate Partnership Tool system and MyNetwork TV. Other on-air tasks you are responsible for are to properly execute the Emergency Alert System (EAS) procedures, and properly execute the WSI weather warning system as well as perform other miscellaneous duties as scheduled and required.

It is also your responsibility to know what to do when a primary air source is not available. In addition to understanding how to execute your primary air sources, you must also know all of your back-up air sources including the By-Pass Emergency Router Switcher.


3-5 years experience in a medium to major size market and prior technical broadcast experience preferred. Must be experienced in operating master control switchers, Crispin Automation, Grass Valley file servers, Pitchblue and Extreme Reach video servers, and Utah Scientific routers. TVU and the Troll Microwave Control System experience is a plus.

Applicant should be willing to work different schedules including weekends and holidays.
Should be a quick thinker, have strong computer and problem solving skills, and react well in live and breaking news situations. A “can do” attitude and good interpersonal skills are needed.

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