Video: The Key to Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

If you are looking for success in the entertainment industry, sometimes it takes more than just tangible skills. This short video from Director of Content Brian Clapp will explain:

Video Transcript for “The Key to Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: I believe the entertainment industry is a skills based industry, what I mean by that is you need to demonstrate tangible skills in order to get hired for entertainment jobs, especially entry level jobs.success in the entertainment industry

For example if you wanted to work in television you might have to prove you know non-linear editing, that you can shoot with a camera, that you understand audio editing. These are the tangible skills you need to show an aptitude for.

But I’m nothing if not open minded.

When I went out recently and talked to a bunch of executives in the entertainment industry, and I asked what skills they are looking for when they hire, because that is the way I see things, you have to have skills, many of them responded back and said it’s less about skills and more about some attributes that I personally would consider secondary.

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I want to make sure I get this quote right so I’m going to read this directly, I was talking with a VP/General Manager for a radio station recently and he said to me, “The most successful people in any industry are highly active and manage themselves well, I’ve seen people with average levels of talent and skill end up being highly successful because they want it really bad.”

You know what that says to me?

There is a merge that goes on between skill and will. And if you have one but not the other you aren’t going to be the ideal candidate, but if you have the skills, you’ve learned the right things that employers are looking for and you also want it really bad…now you’ve hit the sweet spot.

So ask yourself – are you somebody out there that just wants to try real hard but hasn’t got the skill…then work on your skills. Or are you someone that has the skills but has a bad attitude? Than that is what you need to work on.

You need to find a way to combine skill and will and that will set you up for real success in the entertainment industry.

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