The Traits Leaders Exhibit and How to Make Them Yours

Leadership may be the most overused word in the job seeking cycle. Recruiters, hiring managers and interviewees beat the word to death without really knowing it’s meaning. Everyone wants ‘leaders’ so what does it mean and how can you embody the traits of a leader? We’ll show you…

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Video Transcript for “The Traits Leaders Exhibit and How to Make Them Yours”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: Leadership is a mysterious word – often overused by people that want to celebrate it, but don’t really know what it is. While there isn’t a simple formula there are traits that leaders show, and there are reasons these people climb to great heights in their careers:


Leaders aren’t just executives, they are the ones who build trust, show loyalty and hold themselves personally accountable

A good leader builds trust – if that is not established, there is no chance of team success, instead there are a myriad of individuals working on their own agendas.

A good leader is loyal – a leader is willing to make the right choices even when they are difficult ones, loyalty doesn’t mean being blind to facts, it means standing tall when it’s the right thing to do.

A good leader is clear in their expectations – you can’t meet expectations if you don’t know what they are – good cleaders are always clear in the objectives of the group and how each individual will be a part of it.

A good leader is personally accountable – leaders live up to their own expectations.

A good leader builds a constructive atmosphere – those who are afraid of failure are usually the meanest managers who micromanage the process, those who are confident in their own ability open the floor up, listen, teach and work together as a unit.

I’m not big on quotes, but someone told me once – “there is power in vulnerability” good leaders realize this fact.

Remember, anyone can be a good leader, not just executives, and it’s what you should be aiming for.

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