The Trait Hiring Managers Have Trouble Finding, But Want Badly

We talk incessantly about the tangible skills you need to develop in order to get hired in the entertainment industry, but there is an intangible trait that is highly valued in today’s job market – find out more in this short video:


Video Transcript for “The Trait Hiring Managers Have Trouble Finding, But Want Badly”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: One of the most fascinating parts of my job is that I get to talk to many people in charge of hiring in many different industries. I get to ask them any questions that pops into my head which is the absolute best way for me to stay on top of what is happening out there in the hiring world.

One question I’ve been focused on lately is, ‘what trait are hiring managers looking for when they hire?’

hiring managers entrepreneurial spirit

Hiring managers want candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit – which means being both creative and able to execute

What I found to be a consistent theme is that many people in charge of hiring are focusing in on candidates with what they call and ‘entrepreneurial spirit’. They are seeking people with ideas and a proven track record of executing on those ideas, while multitasking and seeing a project through.

That is what entrepreneurs do, they come up with an idea AND they are able to follow through and execute through completion. Every business faces the challenge of coming up with new fresh ideas – just five years ago what was fresh and new, is now considered old and out-dated – someone has to be developing new ideas at ever company, and those people who can think big and execute are extremely valuable.

Take it upon yourself when you are in an interview, or crafting your resume or cover letter, to show examples of where you have an entrepreneurial spirit and provide examples where you have come up with ideas and been able to execute on them.

That will be something that will impress employers.

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