Job Interview Mistakes That Will Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 2

In part 2 of our Job Interview Mistakes series we’re discussing cover letters and how people are messing up this seemingly easy task:

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Video Transcript: “Job Interview Mistakes That Will Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 2”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content Last week we began a 5-part series discussing some of the major mistakes people make in the job interview process. We went out and talked to a bunch of hiring managers to find out their biggest pet peeves during the interview process. What is amazing is that the majority of them sent back the same 4-6 things, so we’re breaking them down for you.job interview mistakes

This week we’re talking about cover letters, which many people are doing all wrong. A lot of people are submitting their application for jobs and not including a cover letter at all! Big mistake. What that tells hiring manager is two things – it says, chances are this person is just spraying their resume out everywhere and doesn’t want to put in the effort of making a good cover letter – huge red flag. Hiring managers tend to just push that person aside.

If you are going to apply for a job you might as well put together a good cover letter.

The other thing it tells them is that you haven’t really taken the time to do any research, or maybe you aren’t a confident writer who can put together thoughts well, or maybe you are just going through the motions. All of these things leave the hiring manager with a negative perception of you, or a belief that you aren’t that serious. Someone else that has crafted a custom cover letter, demonstrated research ability, dove into the job description to really understand what this employer needs and has put their persona into their cover letter – that person is going to stand out and get hired.

You on the other hand, are just going to be adding to your list of jobs that you have applied for and been rejected for. So ask yourself the question, do you want to just go through the motions and never get anywhere or do you want to get hired? If you want to get hired make sure you include a custom cover letter with each job that you apply for.

It’s time to show employers that you mean business.

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  1. Nicole Carabajal says:

    I’m loving this series! So far I’m glad I’m doing what I should be doing for a potential employer and can’t wait to learn the next mistakes to avoid! Thanks Workinentertainment!

  2. Kathy Clayton-Johnson says:


    This is great information. I have been in Property & Casualty Sales Field for 15 years. Last year I took a year to help a family member in their company with the opportunity to have some ownership in the company. Company is doing great and I am interviewing to for new positions. This information is so helpful to me and I want to thank you!!

    All the best and continued success. Wish me luck on my new search.



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