Essential Tips for Becoming a Radio Host

Becoming a radio host is a highly desired and competitive job, so how do you gain the experience you need to make it? Listen to this short video for a few insider tips on the skills you need to develop to be a radio host. WIE Radio host advice.MTS Video Transcript for “Essential Tips for […]

Video: The Key to Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

If you are looking for success in the entertainment industry, sometimes it takes more than just tangible skills. This short video from Director of Content Brian Clapp will explain: WIE successful people.MTS Video Transcript for “The Key to Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: I believe the entertainment […]

Want a Job in Front of the Camera? You Have Two Choices…

There are thousands of people that dream of working in front of the camera as a TV anchor, reporter, meteorologist, sportscaster – you name it – but it can be tough launching an on air career and progressing to a top market. In our estimation there is a good way to get your on camera […]

The Salary You Can Expect in a Music Career

The Berklee College of Music crafts a fascinating music salary guide breaking down the actual salary commanded by jobs in the music industry – in this short video we discuss not only what this means for many jobs, but what it means for you in the music industry. WIE music salary guide.MTS Video Transcript: “The […]

An Entry Level TV Job That Could Be Your Perfect Match

TV jobs come in all shapes and sizes, but so many of us only think of positions in front of the camera or as a Producer or Director. There is so much more to the industry and that is why we are going to start introducing you to some of the less heralded jobs in […]

How (and Why) You Should Delegate Tasks in Your Entertainment Job Search

No one has ever said “I love job searching!” or “Conducting a job search is fun!” It’s time consuming, confusing, and frustrating. We believe you should take a systematic approach to job searching which helps streamline the process, make it repeatable and in turn, less frustrating and time-consuming. One important step is delegating certain tasks […]

Video: Where are the Jobs in the Entertainment Industry? (Hint: It’s Not Where You’d Think)

The majority of the jobs in the entertainment industry, whether you are interested in TV, Film, Music or Radio – are not star-driven careers as actors, musicians or TV reporters – they are on the business end of the industry. So how do you get the skills necessary to make you an attractive hire in […]

The Secret to Advancing in Entertainment Careers

If you’ve watched any of the videos from our Director of Content, Brian Clapp, you probably realize by now he thinks job seekers should obtain hard skills, and be able to show potential employers an ability to do something. In this video, he’s sharing the secret for advancement in entertainment careers, and for that, it […]

Turning Social Media Skills into an Asset on Your Resume

Most job seekers explain their social media talents all wrong on their resume and it’s resulting in a negative impression from employers. We’ll show you how to make social media skills an asset in your job search in this short video: WIE social media jobs Video Transcript for “Turning Social Media Skills into an Asset […]

The Type of People You Need In Your Professional Network

If you only surround yourself with people just like yourself, you’re doing this all wrong. We explain in this short video: WIE who you surround yourself with Video Transcript for “The Type of People You Need in Your Professional Network” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: As human beings we have a natural tendency to […]