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Play for Work: Build Your Career in The Video Game Industry

The film industry is a revenue powerhouse, where dreams are chased and the streets are paved with gold. The video game industry, on the other hand, is a somber place where loners, malcontents and misfits waste their time away, becoming blurry eyed and disconnected from society. These are the easy buckets we place these businesses in - films are romantic, video games are … [Read More...]

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So You Want to Work at a Record Label? (Awesome, Here’s How)

We've done a great deal of statistical analysis lately to better understand our audience and one thing has become abundantly clear – many of you want to work in the … [Read More...]

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Kids Crash BBC Live Shot in Must See Video

Working from home is often a challenge. There is always some laundry to do, lunches to make and a honey do list to complete, not to mention, children lurking … [Read More...]

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Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone, Do What Is Best For You

Many jazz listeners know Louis Armstrong as one of the most innovative trumpet players ever to pick up the horn. His influence on jazz and American music in general is difficult to measure without some degree of hyperbole, and several of his songs, … [Read More...]

The Type of Skills you Need for Entertainment Jobs

WorkInEntertainment.com Director of Content Brian Clapp has a new pet peeve. Brian believes in clear, actionable career advice and when he reads other blogs touting something he thinks is a complete farce, he's not afraid to speak his mind. Let us know if … [Read More...]

Learn How an Art Director Influences a Scene

Any visual content that you watch on TV or film, be it a thirty-second commercial or a 3-hour long feature length film, is the combined effort of hundreds of people. All of these contributors work together like a symphony, with specific roles, purposes and … [Read More...]

Essential Tips for Becoming a Radio Host

Becoming a radio host is a highly desired and competitive job, so how do you gain the experience you need to make it? Listen to this short video for a few insider tips on the skills you need to develop to be a radio host. WIE Radio host … [Read More...]

Why Knowledge of Fashion is Helpful in Film Production Careers

Celebrities are the people most people look up to for inspiration. They are the mentors for common people regarding their opinions, their personalities and for fashion. Little do many people know that all the styling and fashion that celebrities wear or … [Read More...]