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Why HyperLocal is the Buzzword You Need to Know

There is a strategic error being made by TV and radio stations across the nation and unless it gets fixed, local broadcast providers could end up like newspapers, outdated and largely irrelevant. Failure of local broadcasters would be a tragic consequence, since they are not only a provider of quality jobs in small markets, but also, if done right, provide information we all … [Read More...]

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How To Create an Impressive Resume Even If You Have No Experience

By the time you start thinking about your resume my guess is that you have completed college and you are excited to find a job and begin your career. Moving out of … [Read More...]

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A Few Things Every Aspiring Musician Needs To Do

Creative industries like acting, singing, and music have always been more competitive than say working as a banker, lawyer or teacher. Every year thousands of … [Read More...]

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9 Common Job Search Mistakes That Will Immediately Disqualify You (#7 is a Doozy)

There are far more than nine pitfalls of job seeking but many of those fall into the dumb, or criminal, mistake category. These are common mistakes job seekers make daily without even realizing how damaging they are. Sometimes they are careless, other times … [Read More...]

Raising Creative and Musical Kids One Tune at a Time

Even Michael Jackson, Elvis, Johann Sebastian Bach and Mozart started out as babies in diapers. Music is in their genes, just like most of us. Surely, these talents will never prosper if not fully and carefully nurtured. As parents, what can you do to … [Read More...]

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Working in Entertainment

Working in entertainment is unlike anything you have experienced before. You need ruthless determination to keep up with this fast-paced work environment and you need to be ready to face the personal challenges that come with the job. Remember that the … [Read More...]

Production Managers: The Unsung Heroes Of The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has diverse job needs, as many people are needed to make up a production. Many people hail the stars of the show. Directors often get a lot of the praise for a successful film or TV show. But one role that doesn’t get as much … [Read More...]

Take Center Stage: Amazing Advice To Help Get Your Singing Career Off The Ground

This article is a guest contribution from freelance writer Alicia Baker Singing is one of the most creative and beautiful art forms in the world. So many young children grow up wanting to be professional singers in this day and age, but, what does it … [Read More...]