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Seven Ways to Protect Yourself from Work Burnout

Although work burnout is something we usually associate with menial or repetitive office jobs, it is also quite common in other niches as well. Even though the entertainment industry looks fun from the outside, creativity is not the only thing that fuels it. It also requires hard work, long or irregular hours, and an incredibly intense pace which is too much for most … [Read More...]

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Tips for Negotiating on Your own Behalf

Not every job provides you the opportunity to negotiate, sometimes for entry level jobs it’s in your best interest just to get your foot in the door, but after that … [Read More...]

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Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Is the Control Room in Television the Right Place for me?

The television control room is the nerve center of the entire operation. What appears so organized and controlled on your screen, is in fact orchestrated chaos that … [Read More...]

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What It Takes To Make A Casting Director Want You

Casting directors want you to wow them. They want to come away from the casting call knowing that you’re perfect for the part, just like you do. But you have to prove it to them - they’re not mind readers after all. You might be the most confident, … [Read More...]

Ideas to Market a Small Budget Indie Film

Marketing can enhance any product’s image and make it shine like a star. To reach out to the world, and let your presence be known, you would need to market your services effectively. This rule also applies when it comes to films. Although scripting, … [Read More...]

The Skills Needed for Entertainment Public Relations Jobs

This article is a guest contribution from public relations specialist Savannah Marie More than ever before, people want to hear and be heard. From international affairs to what their neighbor is eating for lunch, people hunger for knowledge, and relish … [Read More...]

Actor with a Day Job: How To Synchronize Your Time With Your Dream

Typically, there are three kinds of actors. The first and most likely to succeed are those fortunate enough to be formally or classically trained or a graduate of a prestigious performing arts program. Congratulations, may you go forth and conquer. All … [Read More...]

Play for Work: Build Your Career in The Video Game Industry

The film industry is a revenue powerhouse, where dreams are chased and the streets are paved with gold. The video game industry, on the other hand, is a somber place where loners, malcontents and misfits waste their time away, becoming blurry eyed and … [Read More...]