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There is just something cool about stage shows

One of my favorite articles of the week comes from RTDNA chairman Vincent Duffy regarding journalists use of social media.  He makes a simple case that is actually very complex in our changing world where news disseminates in so many different formats and often at the speed of 140 characters.

The topic stimulated me because it forced me to crystallize my own views on the subject and I always like something that forces me to have an opinion.

You can find the article in the Television section, but really it applies to any journalist whether in radio, print, online or broadcast. I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

Let me know in the comments what you think about Duffy’s case for journalists use of social media, I’ll respond with my thoughts too.


Hold Up: Samsung, Jay-Z Partnership Might Not Be The Flop You Thought: I’m a data driven guy, I like to read research and analytics to help me make informed decisions especially since so many people get caught up in the initial emotion of an event. This blog post from Next Big Sound is a great example – the media says the Jay-Z Samsung deal was a huge flop, but Liv Buli presents an alternative case through data.

SoundPrism: Creating Music Is as Easy as Click & Drag: Carolyn Heneghan from SoundCtrl reviews the SoundPrism app available free on iTunes and a great tool for those of us who lack professional training. You can create, record and share your musical creations all within this cool little app.

Top 7 Reasons Artists Strongly Resist Social Media As you all know by now, I’m a sucker for a good list post and this is one. It’s actually an excerpt from Ariel Hyatt’s new book Cyper PR for Musicians which aims to help musicians understand the power of social media and the importance of connecting with their fans.


Advice for becoming a Meteorologist from NBC5’s David Finfrock: Finfrock is a local icon in Dallas, a trusted voice in weather who takes the science behind his job very seriously. Gleaning tidbits from the experience he’s gained over his years is like taking a Masters class in success, not just in work, but in life.

Taking a Gaze Into The Future of Television : Multichannel News’ Leslie Ellis rounds up some of the biggest thinkers in television and media and shares their takes on where the future is headed for television from a technological viewpoint. Very interesting.

Comedy Central Expanding Brand with Paid Offering: Comedy Central has been looking to expand, recently adding a  SiriusXM channel and now offering a paid channel to access to uncut stand-up routines. Adding another revenue stream for the content they own…interesting, I;ll be curious to see if it works.

Journalism ethics apply to social media: If you read one thing this week make it this article. Kudos to RTDNA chairman Vincent Duffy who eloquently explains why journalist, no matter how tempted they might be, shouldn’t share their personal opinions on news-making events no matter how historical, through social media. He gives his reasons and they are spot on.


Big thinking in small markets: Really smart breakdown of how small radio markets can take advantage of their size when it comes to sales and productivity from Paul Weyland writing for RadioInk magazine.

The “Rock” Comeback that’s Almost here : Edison Research’s Sean Ross breaks down a recent change in alternative station philosophies that are resulting in some tangible ratings changes and could signal a rebirth of a genre.

Ford Dumps the Digital Dashboard: Ford made the leap, chasing ‘The Next Big Thing” but have now dumped the digital dashboard concept and going back to old fashioned nobs and switches. Radio Insights provides a breakdown of what went wrong,


Adobe Releases First Major Update for Premiere Pro CC: Nice breakdown of how Adobe is improving it’s Premiere Pro product from NoFilmSchool’s Joe Marine

10 Lessons for Filmmakers from the IFP Narrative Labs: Still the only lab focusing entirely on what happens after rough cut —- from locking picture to devising a distribution strategy – the IFP Narrative Lab concluded its ninth edition last month and founder Scptt Macaulay shares the 10 best lessons that came out of the event.

Is Film Really Dead? Kodak Drops List Of Recent & Upcoming TV Shows & Movies Shooting On Celluloid: IndieWire discusses the indutry movement toward digital may not be as prevalent as the hype may seem. Some of the biggest names in filmmaking still prefer the old stuff.

Career Advice 

Why Internships are the key to Success in Entertainment Jobs:  Almost half of employed U.S. college graduates are currently working jobs that require less than a four-year education! To avoid becoming part of that statistic follow our advice.

10 Ways to get a Job Interview: some really good advice here from Susan Ruhl writing for

3 Things you Should do Right now to get a Job Faster: great first person story and advice for getting a job from Jon Acuff, New York Times best selling author

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