Work in Entertainment Roundup – July 19th

work in entertainment roundup

Who would have thought an article about bottled water would be the best of the week? (photo courtesy – Liz West)

When I first read the headline of Evan Luzi’s article on I thought it was going to be a sarcastic piece, so I thought to myself, let’s see what this guy has.

I’m a pretty simple man, for me to follow a blog it either has to inform me with some real behind the scenes insight, or it has to be witty and well-crafted so that I am amused.

I figured Luzi’s piece titled “Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Film Crews and Bottled Water” had a good shot of landing in category two, well-written and full of whimsy.

Turns out it was totally serious! And it taught me stuff I didn’t know or wouldn’t have thought of.

Congrats Evan – definitely my favorite article of the week. Here are nine others worth reading:


Radio Advertiser? Don’t Waste Your Money  a really interesting take on the purpose of radio advertising and the affect it actually has on consumers.

Essential Tips for Using Photos on Your Band Website – Bandzoogle, the experts in developing band websites highlight some really good tips for using photos

Hubbard acquires Sandusky Broadcasting – Hubbard Radio has agreed to acquire the properties of Sandusky Radio for $85.5 Million including five stations in Seattle and another five in Phoenix. Why is this important? Well, whenever there are ownership changes, job opportunities usually follow. New owners always make changes after acquisition and many of those are staffing related. Click here and you’ll search for jobs at Hubbard.


Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Film Crews and Bottled Water – Evan Luzi from writes an informative yet entertaining take on the importance of bottled water on set. I thought this article was going to be purely sarcastic, but it’s actually a legit advice article and I loved it.

Amateur Resume Mistakes – another highly enjoyable blog from the inside of film production, Anonymous Production Assistant provides an insightful take on some resume questions related to the film industry.


Will Unbundling Kill Cable – Insightful take on how the cable TV industry is in decline and if unbunbdling happens, there may be only 20 networks that survive. It’s a logical question…you may watch TLC sometimes, but if you were asked to pay for it a-la-carte, would you?

Nate Silver to Join ESPN: Silver, the statistician Rockstar, has used his math superpowers to predict anything from baseball player’s fantasy sports impact to presidential elections and now he’s migrating form the New York Timees to ESPN. Should be interesting to see how diversely they use his talents. (Silver also linked to one of my articles once so I have a bit of a soft spot)

Former CNN Sports Anchor Larry Smith name Sports Director at CBS Atlanta – Two reasons this story is interesting, 1: Larry is a good friend of mine, we worked together for almost a decade. 2: Remember the whole ‘Mayhem in the AM’ kerfuffle over a Steve Gleason bit a while back? Well, those radio guys also did a sports show on CBS Atlanta and got the boot from it as well. Smith will replace them and head up the entire sports department.

Career Advice

Tips for Negotiating on Your Own Behalf – Most of us have no idea how to negotiate for a better salary or even something simple like an extra week of vacation. This entry provides a bunch of pretty easy to execute tips to help you get the most money for your talent.

Developing a Winning Mindset for Jobs in Entertainment –  Entertainment jobs are different from the cookie cutter world so many people find comfort in; being contrary is actually the norm. This piece provides some really valuable tips to help keep your head straight and clear why you pursue a career that is undoubtedly ‘different’.

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