Why Everyone Should Watch Local TV News

When Howard Stern first started to make a name for himself in radio, people said they listened primarily because they had no idea what was going to happen next. In a world where everything seemed obvious and predictable, Howard Stern brought out the opposite.

The same holds true for local TV.

Don’t believe me? In the attempt to catch eyeballs that used to stare at the screen but now stare at the device in the palm of their hand, TV networks are trying really hard to be edgy, engaging and give you a reason to watch. Live TV shows, especially those in the morning, are less about news of the day and more about a casual, fun, put a smile on your face as you tackle the day, environment.

At KCPQ, the Fox affiliate in Seattle, this enjoyable atmosphere includes a segment called “Trending with Travis” where KCPQ Director of Digital Strategy Travis Mayfield digs into the things people are talking about whether it be technology, pop culture or social media advancements.

The segment below features Mayfield with anchors Bill Wixey and Kaci Aitchison discussing a Google experiment called Quick Draw. As you would guess, Quick Draw prompts you to draw a certain object on your touchscreen in under 20 seconds.

What could possibly go wrong?

It’s a cannon! Of course it’s a cannon!

How can you not love local TV news?

Sure we can get the latest news instantaneously on our phones and apps, but if you like the personality of your local news anchors and you find yourself laughing, learning and being visually stimulated, seems like local news is still a valuable medium.

Kaci Aitchison – Howard Stern on line one, he’s looking for someone with edge.

kcpq kaci aitchison

KCPQ news anchor Kaci Aitchison during a better moment

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