Who are We?

Like most website startups, we believe we found a problem that needed solving.

Ask anyone who has worked in entertainment and they’ll tell you that you could spend all day, searching hundreds of websites, looking for jobs. The industry is extremely fragmented, with an incredible amount of companies involved in TV, Radio, Film, Music and more.

Let’s use TV as an example: Sinclair Broadcasting Group is one of the largest TV ownership groups, but they only own or operate 112 of the 1,700 local TV stations in the US. There are hundreds of other ownership groups; some own 3 stations in the Midwest, others own 32 mostly in the Southeast.

To search all of these corporate websites daily, in search of your dream job, would be an impossible feat, and we haven’t even talked about cable networks, post-production houses, or corporate video!

WorkinEntertainment.com is built for people who want the exciting life of working in the entertainment industry, but don’t want to spend all day tied to their computer trying to search site, after site, after site, for the right opening.

We do the work for you, with the power of our continually developing technology which finds all the best jobs in entertainment and drops them at your feet like a good dog. With a membership to WorkinEntertainment.com,  you can spend less time searching and more time applying.