What to Expect from Disney Channel Auditions If You’re A Newbie

disney channel auditions how to make it

Casting director Judy Taylor discovered Selena Gomez at a Disney open audition.

Not every Hollywood story begins with being discovered by talent scouts while walking through the local mall.

Most actors have to work at it, often appearing at dozens of auditions before getting even a sample of the big lights. For youthful actors, one such opportunity is attending auditions for Disney Channel, which take place across the country and throughout the year.

You will fare well in Disney Channel auditions if you are well-informed of everything that goes on, not just in the entertainment industry, but also how things work specifically at Disney.

Arming yourself with the right information is the best way to begin the process of realizing your dreams.

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The Types of Casting Directors

The casting directors for Disney auditions are grouped into two classifications:

1: In-house Casting Directors

In-house casting directors most often audition actors who are already established in the industry for starring roles in their regular television series or for Disney Channel Original Movies.

Judy Taylor, Senior Vice President, Casting and Talent Relations for Disney Channel, is an example of an in-house casting director. Taylor will travel to find talent, but usually only starring roles, such as her recent trip to San Antonio for an open casting call for a new family-series and upcoming Disney movies.

Do your research before attending any audition for Disney Channel, if one of the in-house casting directors is running the event, chances are they are scouting for some larger opportunities.

2: Freelance Casting Directors

Freelance casting directors usually handle nationwide castings, although they do hold auditions for known actors as well. There are also times when they bring in newbies to audition for lead roles, if they believe that they are suitable for specific roles for television shows or feature films.

If during your preparation you realize the casting director is not an in-house casting director, that’s ok, it’s still your chance to make a name for yourself and start making a positive impression. Just don’t expect to be starring on Jessie next week.

What Casting Directors Are Looking For

By understanding what casting directors are looking for you have a better chance of standing out from the crowd, even if you have little to no credits to your name.

auditions for disney channel casting directors

Auditioning for Television and Film roles can be unnerving, but no one said it would be easy

  1.  Live Theater Experience – find opportunities to be part of community theater, youth theater groups or summer acting camps. It is not just a great deal of fun, but it also provides a learning experience that is essential to growing your talent. Being involved in theater will allow you to hone your craft and  practice nailing your lines in real time. This usually means that it will take you lesser time to perfect a scene when you are hired to work in a television show or a film.
  2. Having real coaching –  it is imperative that you have worked or trained with reputable actingor  singing coaches. Often reputable coaches will bring in casting directors to see their students perform, so it is worthwhile on many levels to get proper training and exposure.
  3. Make the script your own – casting directors don’t want to see you do an impression of one of their current actors, they want to see your unique take on the script. That doesn’t mean be the crazy wacky person, it just means feel the script as you would feel it, not as you interpret how someone else would. It’s always wonderful and important to watch other actors to see what you like and don’t like, but make sure you don’t try to emulate anyone. What sets you part is…you.
  4. Have fun – Have you ever seen a depressing, glum, boring, angry Disney Channel show? “We want everyone at the open call to have fun and enjoy the audition process,” says Taylor. “As casting directors, we love what we do and we want you to enjoy the experience just as much. Anyone who comes out to this open call has already succeeded – you made the effort to participate in something you really love and shared with us your unique talent.”

The Chances of Being Discovered at and Audition for Disney Channel

If you are a newbie in the entertainment industry, and you make a positive impression during your audition, you are most likely going to start out in supporting roles, which could over time grow into something larger. It is rare for someone to burst on the scene and immediately be thrust into a starring role – making your way at the Disney Channel can take time.

But, there is a new trend lately.

Despite the fact that only one or two of the thousands of people that show up to Disney Channel auditions actually land a role, more and more studio producers are battling to find fresh new faces in the crowd.

The chance still remains that you might be the face and talent they are looking for.


Guest Author Marie Skillern enjoys blogging about Disney auditions and the rags to riches stories that go with them. Over the last 4 years, she has written and published numerous articles on these celebrities in different local and international publications.

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  1. Jazmyne Mick says:

    I want to become an actress on disney channel but I don’t know where to get started.

    • Jazmyne – thanks for writing in, I think our guest author Marie gave some really great tips to help get you started! Good luck – I hope we see you on TV one of these days… – Brian

      • Mauwa Aombe says:

        I have been wanting to audition for disney channel but i don’t know what website to search so i can signup. Do you know the website that i could visit to signup? Please and thank you.

        • Hi, I also didn’t know where to start untill my mom found this website. It’s probaly too late for the disney audition thing, but the website itself will keep you updated.:)

        • go to google and tipe in talent for disney and you can go audition for it in seattle wa

        • email my email @lovemiya224@gmail.com they have Disney auditions and I got one next sunday 🙂

          • My dream is to become an actress so every chance I get, I go to the nearest audition. I’ve been to Seattle talents casting call, and it’s a major scam. All they want is your money so that you can go to acting classes and they don’t cast you. But if you want to go to real auditions, download the Disney app and they usually post when there are some Open Casting Calls. I already auditioned for mine a while ago. But best of luck!

          • I got one next Saturday, all I did was scroll though insta and this add popped up about how they were coming to Sydney so I booked an audition

        • You don’t “sign up”. You find an open casting call and just show up. You sign up when you get there. Basically you give them your basic info, get a number to pin on your shirt, then wait a few hours until your number is called. Just keep in mind you’re probably going to be waiting up to 6 hours, maybe more. You might not even get a chance to even audition. Get there early so you sign in first and get an early spot. The directors are fresh and full of coffee at that point and excited to see new faces. If you’re a later number, the casting directors are probably pretty grouchy by that point and are going to be more “critical” of you. Also keep in mind you’re going to be auditioning against hundreds if not up to a thousand other kids who want it just as bad as you do. You’re going to have about 2 minutes, if that much, to really stick in their minds.

          All just things to keep in mind. I know at your age it all seems so simple and you’re all starry eyed. Keep that dream, but remember there’s a million other kids in our country with the same dream asking their parents the same stuff. Keep everything in perspective.

          • Tehani Ruh says:

            All i have ever wanted in my entire life is to become a actress no matter what it takes and no matter what anyone thinks I will become an actress if it takes me 10 minutes or 10 years.

          • Tehani Ruh says:

            All i have ever wanted in my entire life is to become a actress no matter what it takes and no matter what anyone thinks I will become an actress if it takes me 10 minutes or 10 years. I’m starting small, I’m preforming a play at ABT but its just a stepping stone.

          • Jennifer says:

            So negative. Give life a break… My son has an appointment tomorrow so yes they do make appointments sometimes to audition. Mr know it all.

        • I typed in Disney Channel Auditions 2016 (or whatever year it is when you are looking it up) and got to look at stuff and you can email your resume. I live in Canada, so it’s harder to get your parents to take you to the USA. You can also submit video auditions (if you live elsewhere, you should hope for a movie role because you won’t spend excessive time away from school) if it says you can. Do local theatre first if you live somewhere else and hope to get commercials and small stuff before begging your parents to drag you somewhere else where you may not even get a job.

          But don’t let your dreams die. Always work hard.

        • Actually, the official Disney Talent Search is at Disney.com/talentsearch.

        • Peaches says:

          Its me and you I tired staying home not doing anything but it’s even more hard for me because I live in the Caribbean and if I do get a promising acting job I have to leave but this is what I want from since I was small I want people to see me on tv I ant people to know who I am but it looks like that life is clearly not for everybody. If anyone can hel me please do I really need and want this more than you can imagine and its me one I don’t really have my ch support but I still need this.

      • aiven lumasac says:

        i want to know how can i be a actor on disney?

      • My dream/ goal in life is to be an actress. I live in San angelo tx so not much acting classes are here I do use YouTube to help. I will be attending the open call in San Antonio. Please email my mom to inform us in how that works please. I am 11 and a Disney fan I hope I do well even if I don’t get a lead role I’d still be thankful to be in the production. I can’t wait and thank you so much for reading Disney

        • Oh goodness. Just wait until you’re 20 and wonder where all the time has gone XD. I had the same dreams at that age and so did millions of other kids. It’s not as simple as you think. My advice is to focus on school and doing well in your education. I wish I would have. Focus on school and making a career for yourself, something that is stable and reliable (not acting). Keep your dream and keep acting, but do it as a hobby. Remember you’re going to have bills to pay one day, and that day comes a whole lot faster than you think.

          • Your reply makes me mad. Thats not true at ALL! Yes focus on school but some people like acting and want to percue that as there job. So dont be crushing kids dreams ! I was 10 and i had that dream (i never auditinioned but..) and now im 13 and i play at plays acting at my local theater its so much fun! So kids heres advice from me (a kid)

            Dream on what makes you happy but make sure you also focus on school and family live life to the fullest

          • Fantastic advice, thank you so much!!

          • Tehani Ruh says:

            Amen to u Bree. Kids and young teens take it from other kids( us) if u want to do something then u had better try at leastno offense to u jake but man aren’t you a party pooper.

          • Jennifer says:

            This why you failed at life…. So negative and crabby

      • Ashley Gillis says:

        What if you are a Canadian citizen I love modeling and acting I’ve been doing it for a year and abit now and really want to go further with it I’m 17 years old and just shy of 5’10

      • Hey I’m 17 and I was wondering when the cut off age to audition for Disney is? Am I too old?

        • Thomas Ferguson says:

          The age limit is 18 but if you actually look younger then your actual age then, yes you can still star in the Disney cast.

        • BabyAngel says:

          Don’t worry. Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie main character and Disney superstar) started when she just turned 19! You’ve still got plenty of time. 🙂

        • There isn’t one. As long as you look younger. Remember the guy who played Jackson on Hannah Montana? He was in his 30’s while the show was filming! I’m 25 but look about 16 or 17, so I’ll fit right in. Throw some make up on me and I look even younger.

        • I doubt it, you can even audition to be an adult on Disney. But the younger you look the better. Makeup makes you look younger and try to take care of your skin to look younger and shave if you have a beard and get a modern hairstyle that teenagers have

      • Hi Brian, I just submitted a video for an open casting call for HSM4. Do you know how long it takes for callbacks (if I get one) about how many weeks? Thank you

      • I would also like to act in Jessie but I don’t know where to start

      • hi im sara , im from spain, and i was wondering if i could audition,i ve been acting for kids , i sing and play guitar and spanish drums, i have no acting classes, my parents say i have to finish studies so ill be 19 or 20 by the time that i finish and move to america if theres a way i can,i am a happy and funny girl.If theres a way i could audition and convice my parents would be awesome.Also i have a great american acent.

      • I have an audition for Disney channel I think I’m ready on the outside but not on the inside

      • Trianadudley says:

        Hi I’m trying to get in Disney channel and be notice and make people smile but I just don’t know where to go or where to start – Triana

      • Brian it’s an honor to have come upon this site. I have a deep passion for singing and acting. I’ve always been intrigued by even just the scenery! I have never acted before but I would love to kick it up and work with you. I could make u very happy. Please give me that chance and work with me.
        -laura mariah

        • Laura – Sorry I am not the one who conducts the auditions or the interviews for Disney, I am the director of content for WorkinEntertainment.com. – Brian

      • Hello hi I’m not a shy person but I do want a chance in tv dosent matter but I will love to out there I grower up,watching other people,on diney channel,and I always wanted to be out THER doing the same thing on day it’s my dream and always has been and I’m,ready to take the chance,on doing it my Name is Kaleshia Shundreia Foster in not skinny I’m heavy set and a chubby girl and I’ll love if I could be excepted for who I am I am smart and I’m goffy love to play and have fun growing up I always watched disney channel and once I saw the people drawing the Nicky sign I did to do that something I wanna be apart of thank you for reading

      • Hey. I’m from India and i’m 18 years old. I have been a disney channel fan since childhood. I want to act for disney channel. I want to know more about how can i go for auditions and what should i do.

      • Yassin Antar says:

        I’m living in Germany(15 years old) and I want to be an actor in the USA(Los angeles) but I don’t know how
        Is there any international auditions ?
        My plan was to do an internship in L.A while I am doing this I want to apply for roles(auditions) is this possibile?

      • I am an indian ….. And I really love acting …. I’m not actually where to start

      • Hi I would like to know how to audition for Disney XD

      • Destiny m says:

        I wish that I could be on Disney Channel but I can’t find anyone to help. Someone show me the way

    • Start by taking classes (professional actress,or a normal acting coach) i will recomend you take private lessons.

      • I am a very good actress ,I will rock my talents if I act In Jessie. Most of my friends say I act like zuri and I know I do. I will be so excited if I get to audition in Jessie

        • Hold it right there. Just so you know, landing a role in your favorite show is probably 1 in a trillion. I can basically guarantee you that’s not going to happen. Also keep in mind they already have their main cast, and that Jessie is actually DONE filming. So…. get that idea out of your head. My recommendation? Learn how the entertainment industry works first. I’ve done at least 15 Disney auditions already and haven’t gotten anything. It take ALOT before you ever get anything. Be prepared to be disappointed. Also be prepared to act on a show you’ve never heard of, and probably as an extra/non speaking role.

          • Hi I’m Jayne,
            Tb I want to act well not actually act but i can try and i mostly am kinda better at singing then acting on Disney channel because sitting at home and watching the FAB 5 on the Disney Channel also i’m an Islander.Thanxs for reading this. God Bless and well just wait and see.

          • Once again can u tune down on tje dream crushing? No one likes a complete stranger telling them they can or can not do anything. Not trying to offend anyone but it seems everything you say is negative

          • Jerusalem says:

            Don’t be rude jake ok maybe chioma has a better chance

    • Salem abraham says:

      How do we get on Disney from Africa…Nigeria..precisely…..Disney should be in Nigeria too sometimes…Please…I really wanna be on Disney…SALEM

      • Me to. I am also a Nigerian andni really wanna act so bad. I just really wish they did auditions once in while here. (Dramatic sigh)sighhhhhh

    • Hi my name is Rayne I love to act and
      I know that I can the best of the best and love to put on shows for my Family and friend thank you for your time.❤️

    • Same I need to know how to start

    • McKenna says:

      How do you guys convince your parents to be on board with this stuff.

    • McKenna says:

      How can you email a casting director at disney?

    • Peaches says:

      Neither me and it’s like every website I go on is no help at all

    • Hi my name is olivia and I really love to be on Disney channel to support you guide to be honest since i was small i really loved to be and actress I really love to act and i just as t to become that person i had a big dream and thsu dream is now here all i want you to say is I can please audition I love this so much a lot please give me this I would do what I need to do when i get in there please i need this this is my dream please and thankyou and one more thing I’ve been working so hard I know i can do it please let me audition

  2. hi, my name is savannah forrester and iam very outgoing and have alot of humor and i live in farrel PA, i’ve been working so hard on being on disney channel for a year now and im puerto rician white jamican and blackfoot indian (native american) i also and VERY heavy i weigh 254 pounds and i have brown hair plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!n contact me at 7243086620 or 13305599939 thanxs

    • Savannah – best of luck to you, we don’t actually do any hiring for Disney Channel, but maybe someone will read your comment and be curious enough to call you – best of luck, Brian


      • I want to audition so bad for disney Chanel but don’t know where to start or what to expect!!!!

        • Gabrielle says:

          Disney just did an open audition online and it ended August 10th you had to submit a video using their script! I sent mine in and I hope I get a call bak soon !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I am half Irish and Nigerian but mostly Nigerian. I love Disney channel and I can sing and act. Can I please know how to audition even though I don’t have American hair but African. BTW I can speak really well like I’m American.

      • i want to act so bad but i dont know how to convince my parents to let me go to an audition. And what if i mess up im not gonna be on a show or anything

        • me too well,I asked my mom already she’s fine with it but I have not asked my dad yet I’m afraid he’ll say no . He never let’s me do squat.I also don’t know where to start plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          God bless Julianna

  3. Avalon Dougherty says:

    Hi,my name is Avalon Dougherty.I am very interested in acting in fun ,happy but not super kidish Disney shows.I am only ten years old.I’ve done a lot of plays and I’v sang in a Christmas program at my school.Please write back or call me at 434-636-5592

    • Avalon I wish you the best, I’m sure you are a great singer and a wonderful actress, but we are not associated with Disney Channel auditions – this article was an insiders view of how it all works. The article has some nice advice and has an outline of upcoming audition sites. Best of luck – Brian

  4. Kyree Dyson says:

    My name is Kyree and i am 9 yrs old with an imagination and not afraid to use it. I love Disney Channel, Nick, Cartoon Network and someday, i am looking to have my own show. I am starting with you tube, but i am going to be big. Where can i write and have a audition. Thankx

    • Kyree- you sound like someone who has a goal and really wants to achieve it – best of luck to you! We are not affiliated with Disney Channel auditions so we can’t directly help you. The article provides some valuable tips and has a link to audition sites! Check it out – Brian

  5. manjot bains says:

    I am 14 year old girl, and i love to dance , sing, and act, Acting and singing is my passion. I dont have my own manager or anything but i would love to be on the disney channel, and work with amazing actors such as zendaya, bridgit mendler! I live in Canada but i will be willing to go the USA for auditions,
    I am a hardworking , and a really passionate actress.
    I really need some information how to get started, if i can have an response as soon as possible it will be great

    • Manjot – You seem like you have great enthusiasm and I’m sure you are a very talented singer and dancer. Unfortunately we are not affiliated with Disney Channel, this article was an advice article on how to prepare for auditions from someone with insider knowledge… but we are unable to help you in your journey to be on Disney Channel. Best of luck – Brian

    • i would love to be in disney but i live in GA what do i do

  6. Hey I’m Brooke! I love acting been in several plays, lots of stage experience. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and I’m not gonna stop trying till I’m on the big screen.. Any idea of who to talk to or audition for to get me their? I want this more than anything! Please help!! 🙂

  7. Hi I’m Carrie, I’ve wanted to be an actress for awhile, I’m even practicing for a play. I love singing more than anything. I even took a trip to Los Angeles, loved it. This is great advice thanks! 🙂

    • Carrie – thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed this article and found it useful! – Brian

      • i want to be an actress but i live in GA what do i do first

      • Hi, I really want to be in disney but i m having no drama or acting background. Do u think that traing in singapore for seven yrs is ok to be selected for disney and where do i go for auditions

        • I am pretty sure that Disney is holding one in Singapore. It might have ended now. I suggest you should at least act in one thing to boost your chances. I am also trying to become one.
          Best wishes

  8. My name is Antonio I am confident enough that I will be on Disney channel one day, but I have to wait until I am 18 years because I live in Trinidad and Disney don’t travel that far, so when I finish high school I will come to L.A to live and I will make you all happy and do great things for Disney in my years to come.

  9. Alicia Stuart says:

    Hi! My name is Alicia Stuart and it is my dream to become a Disney Channel actress and I would like to know if there are any auditions near me in Millsboro Delaware. I am 12 years old. I would also like to know what kind of stuff you guys are looking for to become an actress on Disney.

  10. Hi I am a actor and was wondering where to get an audition. How do you know if its official if you don’t have a agent. I have been in First Stage theater and had one year of academy classes. Is that enough? I was wondering if I could get an audition close enough so I don’t have to go across the country. Please answer all of these questions.

  11. I am having trouble finding it. Can you link it in your response? Thanks!

  12. caleigh mcdermott says:

    hi i am caleigh and i live in new york! i want to get started in acting but im not really sure how. i have confidence and i think that acting is wonderful, and when i watch shows on nick or disney i think that, “acting looks fun! i could do that!” im not sure if anyone believes in me but i want to give it a shot! can you help me out?

  13. Lydia kauri says:

    I am lydia (female) and I am 12 years old.
    I can sing, dance, model and most importantly, act.
    I am in a choir, I take dance classes and I have acted in two musical plays.
    I’m wondering if there are any ways to audition for disney channel online (getting emailed a script and taking a video of me acting it).
    I am Finnish but I live in China and it would cost a lot of money to go all the way to the United States and not get a part (hope you understand my situation).
    I am also wondering if you could give me a directors email if that is possible (or anyone in Disney Channel who could help me in this situation).
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Lydia – I’m sure you are extremely talented and worthy of inclusion on a Disney Channel show – unfortunately we aren’t casting directors so we don’t have the ability to answer the questions you have asked, or the emails of directors. I wish you the best – Brian

  14. I am Kiara and I’m 12 years old. My dream has always been to act and sing! I love it to death and I’m also very talented and been working on my ability to act I love Disney channel and I also love the information you gave! Thank you so much! 🙂

  15. Hi,my name is Funmi.I’m 17yrs old.I love acting so much.I really want to come for an audition at Disney this year.I’ve been practicing so hard but I stay in Nigeria which is very far from L.A.I really don’t know what to do.About the information you gave,it has been very helpful.Thanks so much

  16. Yodit Woldegebriel says:

    Hi, my name is Yodit Woldegebriel and I am 16 years old. I have been looking for work for the past three years and I so far I only dealt with scams. It’s hard for me without the extra support from my parents so I can’t count on rides to auditions and acting classes but, that didn’t stop me, only motivated me. I’m taking drama at school and working on auditioning tapes so I can start sending them out. Disney Channel is such an AMAZING platform for many young and fresh actors to start out so if there is an email I can send them out to that would be awesome. I am very determined to become an actress and willing to put in work. Thank you for your time and information.

    • I understand what you are going through because the same thing is happening to me.Most people think that it is a joke that I actually want to give my full potential into modeling and there are so many scams out there.One of the most reason why I am scared is because people think I’m making a joke out of myself.I hope I get a chance to prove them wrong.

  17. Hi I’m Lauren and this is my biggest dream is to act on a show or movie and this has been my dream sense I was 8 and I was wondering if u can get me in

  18. Jayden Jackson says:

    Hi, I am auditioning Saturday for Disney! I was wondering if I needed a portfolio of headshots , and information about myself if you could get back to me whenever is convenient for you that’s be great ! Thank you !

    • Jayden Jackson says:

      That’d *

    • Yes! bring it all, have it all! It’s better to have too much than not look prepared…but the bottom line is, if you are good and you impress them… it won’t be beause of ghe headshots, it’ll be because of you.

  19. Reina Collazo says:

    Hello i really wany to be an actress.on disney channel but i think i would get really nervious at a audition because so i was wondering if theres a way i can audition on line please email me. 🙂

  20. I love to sing and act and i auditon for many thing and they dont want me and im verry talented person can u plz help

  21. Hi I’m janet I have really dark hair and I can’t say I’ve always wanted to be an actress and blah blah blah like what the other girls said because I know that I’m too good to fail my family you the world and myself .I look forward to seeing you this year . Comment and please give me some advice and please email me

    • Kesean Gibson says:

      Im Kesean im 12yrs old.i love to sing act and express myself i live in Marvell,ar and where Is any facility i can signup at call me at 870-228-2722

  22. Oh and I really love disneys creativity.I can sing dance and act so I know I’m capable of anything you can give so throw me your best shot see you later oh and fyi watch your back cause I’m gonna be there.

  23. I was just wondering how do you get ahold of any like Disney casting directors? I don’t have a manager but I really want to be on Disney. Being an actress has been my dream for years, but I just can’t figure out how to get ahold of them to schedule an audition or something.

  24. Dominique lawrence says:

    Hi my name is dominique.
    I have always wanted to become an actress.
    I watch disney almost every day and love it.i’m thirteen years old.
    I just need some advice on where to start.i play many instruments as well.I can also play many sports to a high quality.

  25. Really want to be on Disney been in 7 different plays been in drama club how do I be on Disney channel

  26. Izabela says:

    I always wanted to become a child actress and now as im 13 i want to make a move. Im polish and i live in London but itd be dreams come true to be in New York. Have you got any tips whoch can get me started in london which can lead in to America?

  27. rosie randall says:

    Hi, my name is rosie and I really want to be an actress on disney channel. I am 15, with brown hair, brown eyes and my height is 5’7″. I come from London, England. I have been acting for 5 years and I want to do it for the rest of my life. My favourite disney show is Mighty Med and it’s a dream of mine to be on it. My acting inspirations are Bradley Stephen Perry and Andrew Garfield. Please email me on rosie.randall@tiscali.co.uk if you know how I can live my dream. Thanks!

  28. Iyana Chapman says:

    Hi, my name is Iyana, I attended Studio’s of Mi. Also John Casablanca , I love to act and Dance and model. I’m a people person and can be silly and serious . I would love to audition for Disney, I really can’t wait. Please send me information on how to apply.

  29. HI i am Ariana. I love to sing, dance, and act.I would love to be an actress on disney channels new show girl meets worlds. if there is like a mean girl or a friend or a nice girl any kind of part i just want to live my dream. And i am 10 years old, i have blonde hair, brown eyes, and i weigh 65 pounds. So if you want to contact me just email me on gmail at adedonato2@bostonk12.org. Please do all you can to make my dream come true

  30. Dayanaris says:

    Hey i signed up for an audition , i havent confirmed if i am going yet . Ive always wanted to act on disney channel and my friends say i am good , but i am extremly shy and i get super nervious infront of people , then my heart starts raising sooo fast and i feel really cold so i am scare if i go i am just going to enberres my self . And ruined my chance but if i dont go then i may never do it , i am really confused right now can someome help me .

    • Dayanaris says:

      Also i have never done anything like this so i dont know what to do or bring could u help me .

  31. Vanessa Elumelu says:

    I would love to be an actress but i have know where to start can someone please help me with some advice

    • omara atkinson says:

      hi Vanessa I don’t know much but maybe look up things like Disney acting calls that might help see ya later

  32. omara atkinson says:

    hi I am Omara, I am really wanting to be an actress but don’t know if it coasts money and I don’t know if other people can do auditions if there not in America? can you please answer PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Omara – happy to answer. If you want to be part of an American show chances are auditions will take place here in the United States, but you should search Google and see if there are casting calls in your country. As for if it costs money, generally speaking most actors and actresses take classes or participate in theater, so I’m sure there is some cost involved. Sometimes though, people get discovered in different ways…so you never know! – Brian

      • shayla Harris says:

        What do they have you do if your chosen for the actor for the addition because I have one on March 5 and I was wonder what you have to do after it and is it expensive

  33. do u have to have experience to audition for disney channel

  34. Jalen Shurn says:

    Hi im Jalen, i was wondering if you knew how many opens calls there are each year and when the next one is closest to Chicago, please and thanks.

  35. Sherymae says:

    Hi I’m Sherymae. I really want to become and actress in disney but I find it really hard because I live in the Philippines. Is there any chances that disney will come in the Philippines to conduct some auditions? or maybe they accept online auditions?

  36. Hello, i’m Znovia and I would like to be an actress for disney channel. I sing, dance, act, model and write poetry and short stories. I am very aware that you aren’t casting directors, nor talent agents, but I would really appreciate if I could ask you some things.. like,

    * If you’re a newbie, how would you go about finding a talent agent?
    * Would I need a talent agent to be on disney?
    * Will disney let you make short movie’s for they’re television shows?
    * What do you personally think would impress the directors?
    * If I were to be chosen to act for one ( Or a few ) of their television shows or movie’s would I be introduced as a guest star, or would I be like an extra, that only says a few lines every show or movie?

  37. My name is Emma I love to act I don’t live anywhere near LA and most auditions are there if I want to send a video audition in for a show or movie on Disney channel how do I know what to say if I don’t have a script?

    • BabyAngel says:

      You will always get a script unless specified. If you’re not given a script then you need to find a Disney scene to reenact… And do it REALLY well. But make it yours of course.

  38. What if I want to audition online because I live far away from where all auditions are who would I have to contact or what website would I have to got to, to be able to do that?

  39. Myles Lewis says:

    Does anybody know where to find a good acting agency?

  40. I would really like to audition for Disney but I live every far away..

  41. Hi, Im Jade I know that you are very busy and that you probably dont want to be bothered with me but I have always dreamed of being on stage, on tv, well pretty much any where that I can show off my talent. I am an actress,im a girl, I am 12,years old and I would be sooo happy if i could get a role in any thing you could offer.

  42. Kaitlin mcculloch says:

    Hi I live in Glasgow and would like to go to audition but do they do any in like London or do they even take people from London I am very good at a american accent and take. Lots of acting classes I am 13
    Dark brown hair
    Green eyes
    Like peyton list

  43. Hi, my name is Carnie and I’m 14. My dream is to become an actress but the problem is that I don’t live in the USA. I know that I can’t audition in another country but is there a chance the If I’ll have roles in plays here I can (someday) audition in the USA? Thanks

  44. Hey, I would like to know if there is anyway to submit an online audition or Showreel?.

    to Disney or to anything that will be recognised?

  45. Christal singh says:

    Hi, I’m 14 years old and live in Canada. I’m currently with an agency that sends my to some modeling auditions, ive gotten a few modeling gigs like being in a science text book, but I really want to be an actress.I can sing, play the piano, act and model (ive had lessons on all besides modeling). I got into a preforming arts school for singing, acting, and dancing. I’m just wondering where to start when getting an acting agent and wondering how good my chances are given the circumstances and my age?

  46. Well auditioning in front of a panel or the casting directors is quite scary, especially if it’s Disney.
    But you can send a mini video clip of your acting skills right? Says here, http://www.exploretalent.com/articles/3-ways-casting-industry-changed/
    If you could project awesomely on camera, you might as well surprise the casting directors.
    Of course it will also be helpful if you audition face-to-face with the panel coz you will actually build a personal connection with them.
    So, how about taking a step in shooting your own video clip?

  47. Hi, I’m 13 and I live in Ontario, Canada. When I was younger, I used to dream about being on TV. I love playing instruments, I love acting, dancing and singing . I love acting it makes me happy and I just really love what I am doing. I love being on theatre’s and I’m not shy, I love being in front of people . ♥

  48. Hey my name timothy holman i do music and i act and i wa lookin 4 a chance I could be great wit all work my stage name is johnny wreckaz check me if u can talk 2 yo manager or agent 4 me and check me out Reverbnation.com/johnnywreckaz

  49. grace sturgeon says:

    i really want to act in Jessie because i believe that i am just a diamond in the rough and that once i am nice and polished up that i can really shine. i love that rush that acting gives me.

    i’m dirty blond
    green/blue eyes
    small freckles across the nose

  50. Hello I’m Summer I dont know how to sign up or audition I live in the Philippines I dont know if there was a disney channel audition in there I really want to be an actress but the problem is my voice is very nervous when i was talking to people all i do is to overcome this fear please help

  51. and im a good singer but not a good dancer

  52. I have been to the casting calls twice now, and although I did not get signed with them, I received very professional, encouraging feedback. The modeling industry is extremely competitive, so it wasn’t a surprise that I didn’t make it this time. They are super responsive to calls and emails. They provide a personal and caring touch that other agencies lack.

  53. marho oyiborhoro says:

    hi,I am a nigerian .I’m 15 years old.is there a chance that I can audition for acting roles in the states?

  54. Hamani Carroll says:

    I live in Louisiana but born in Michigan

  55. i am awesome at singing and acting, but i cant get in because i dropped ballet lessons a year do all auditions, singing, dancing, acting have to be original? i

  56. Hii I m Abhishek from India new Delhi I want to do act in disnel channel progrmes but I don’t know where I will give auditions or fill the form so pls tell me about audition
    Pls contact me

    Thank you

  57. Erin Michelle says:

    I am 8 years old and am currently enrolled in modeling and acting classes. I would love to audition for Disney, is there a website I can go to , to find dates of auditions?

  58. Estela Rocha says:

    I’m Estela and i really want to be an actress of Disney Channel in the episode of Jessie and i want help because i am of Brazil, want so much be an actress of jessie that i cried! Someone can help me saing how i can really be an actress o the season 4 of Jessie?

  59. Hi! I have been acting for 3 years, and I just finished wizard of oz the musical as Dorothy. (I am 16) I want to be more involved with acting and starting getting some jobs and auditions. I would search google but I come to dead end every time. What should I do???

  60. Gracie Smith says:

    I loved disney since i was really little and i am 12 and i really want to audition for a show or movie and i love to act. I’ve been the lead in my school productions for 5 years. I’ve been acting since i was 4 and the first few years i was a small lead but now i’m the biggest parts.

  61. Lina Mai says:

    Hi, im Lina and i am a girl who is born in china but came to the us when i was three i would love to be on disney channel but dont know where the audtions are. I live in sf and im not sure how i will know where the auditions will be held. I summited to a lot of websites but dont even now how ill audition. Some people say to get a agency, but do i need to summit? I hope u can help me start.

  62. Rebecca Walker says:

    How can I get my 4 year old son an audition for Disney

  63. Daneya Chatfield says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I have always wanted to be in the disney channel since I was 10. I was really shy back than and thought I would never make it, but I loved to sing, dance and act. I started looking at actors performance behind the scenes and they were amazing! That made me believe I can make it as my acting career, so I started training every day from acting tips on websites, YouTube and I’m in T.V production making videos and editing them. I’m now 17,ready and more confident than ever.
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Native America / African American
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 108

  64. Kari Kranich says:

    Hello my name is Kari and I am 12 years old, white female, and I live in Atwater Ca. What else can I say other then acting on Disney is a huge dream of mine. I’ve always loved acting and singing, and just being creative. I’ve been practicing by acting in plays, and reading online scripts, so that one day, if I ever have the chance, I can surprise people by showing them that I can act, and I want to act. But, I am a newbie. I don’t know a lot about additions and casting calls. So please help me get my name out there.
    -Kari Kranich

  65. HI im a 15 year old girl.

    Height : 5’6
    Weight 140
    Eye Color: green
    Hair color: dirty blonde
    Skin colour: white

    I have always wanted to be in a disney show, and want to low if there are any upcoming auditions in florida? I don’t live in the US, but i am willing to go for an audio’s, and would love to move to cali to become famous!

  66. Makinley Dooley says:

    Hi I am Makinley, I am so passionate for acting my dream as many others is to be an actress, and a very successful one at that, and I know in my heart, Disney is the place to start. No matter how many times I fail, I will keep trying and never give up, do you have any advice on what to do from here?

  67. Sphelele says:

    Hey I’m a confident girl,down in South Africa. I have good acting & modelling skills. I wish to be part of the Disney acting crew. If there are some auditions may I please get informed. I have got all what it takes to be your super star.

  68. Brittany Berg says:

    I’ve always wanted to be on Disney Channel but idk where to go to sign up to get an audition

  69. Brittany Berg says:

    I’ve always wanted to be on Disney Channel but idk where to go to sign up to get an audition. I’m 16 and acting is my dream and I have always wanted to be on a Disney channel/movie

  70. Cassandra says:

    My name is Cassandra Reyna I’m 18 years old and I speak English and Spanish I’m from Fort Worth i always see myself acting , I can cry in real life I just think ink of something and i cry but I can go a long with the acting that’s my best talent I have .

    • Cassandra says:

      I know how to model clothes rely good I can dance any song Spanish and English I rely good runner , I get along with others like meeting people I don’t know , I like helping a lot , I just rely kind , .

  71. Elisabeth says:

    Hello I’m Elisabeth! I’ve been wanting to be an actrice on Disney Channel since I was really young. Acting is one of my best talents; I’ve been the lead roles in many plays and musicals. I also participate in choirs for school and youth orchestras in all the states I’ve lived in. I’d LOVE to attend an open casting call and hope I can make my dreams come true!!

  72. Hi, I’m Elijah. I want to audition for Disney and I’m currently in the process of working on the script. Any advice?

  73. Hi I’m Zoya and I wanna be a famous musician like Justin bieber or taylor swift but I don’t know where to start?

  74. Hossana Mae A. Castro says:

    Hello I’m Hannah, I’m a filipino citizen. In my situation right now I may not a well experienced performer but I know if there’s something great that I possessed it is believing in myself that I can achieve my dreams no matter how other people say it is impossible. There’ s nothing I can put in my resume as my talent experience but I am proud to say that what I’ m trying to reach and to make happen is the reason why Im seeking for some auditions everytime I searched some open auditions. Including disney auditions. I hope that someday you will conduct an open auditions here in the Philippines.. I may not discover but atleast newbies like me will have the chance to audition in your prestige channel.. Thank you and God Bless.

  75. Hi ,my name is Charllie, Good day sir ,all my life I am dreaming about becoming a Disney actor but the problem is I lived in the Philippines !! Is there any other way I could audition online ?? and lastly I’m 18 years old now !! I still can join right ?

  76. Lexie Garza says:

    Hi, My name is Lexie. Im 16 years old and i dont have much experience in acting except for those school acts. I recently heard of Disney Channel coming to my cityand im going to the auditions. I dont know what to expect or what to do, please give me some tips. Im going for actress and model any monologues i could practice or anything usefull. Please? and Thank you.

  77. hi im toricca I been wanting to act on Disney channel for a long time. I looked up agents coaches and everything but I didn’t find anybody because I live far away from were Disney channel building is located I even tried to get places but I live to far in my mom have other kids I love to act I do church school in theater were I live.

  78. Hello,
    I was born with a cleft lip-and-pallete. I was wondering how hard do you think booking a job with Disney would be for me? Also how could I get in touch with an acting coach? Lastly, I live VERY far away from California and my mom would not take me, unless I get a callback, where can I find audition dates and locations? Thanks so much!

  79. Sophie Ryan says:

    Hello. I feel like if I do audition for a show on Disney channel I will make a complete fool of myself and get regected hard. I feel like I won’t have another shot to live my dream. My family mebers say the chances of me getting in and becoming a Disney star is like one in one billion. I don’t even live in a big city like New York or L.A. I live in Brewster Massachusetts. Are my chances slim of becoming something I’ve wanted sense I was foar? Is this just a dream that will never happen?

  80. Janefrances says:

    Hi I’m Janefrances. I’ve always wished I took part in a Disney show. I’m from Africa, Nigeria precisely. Don’t really know if I’ll have an opportunity to do so. Wish I could. I love Disney channel so so much. Please reply my comment.

  81. Malik Ibrahim says:

    I’m 16 years and I’m from Ghana,all my dream is to become a Disney actor but I don’t know how to apply for it

  82. Noxolo mbhele says:

    Hi i want to be a singer and an actress in this show make it pop but the auditions are far from me i live in south africa and the audition are in u.s.a i cant reach there it to far so please help me please

  83. Hi! I really really intoo become an actress ! I’m a really good on that ! But I need a little help to start ! Can you please tell an advice or help?

  84. Renzo Miguel Medida says:

    Hi! My name is Renzo but you can call me Enzo for short. One of my goals in life is to become part of The Disney movies or in Disney channel. I am a Filipino and I love to sing on stage also I love to act But I don’t have the chance to go to other place because it requires money and we don’t have much of that…but I never stop believing that someday I can have that chance to audition. I also got the part to play phantom of the opera and I got the part of phantom himself. You know since I was a kid I dream to be part of your world and I don’t how to do that….I hope that there are lots of auditions here in Cebu, Philippines…And I believe that A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES…

  85. Hi I have an audtion with disney coming up should i sing something from disney or no

  86. Hi I have an audtion with disney coming up should i sing something from disney or not i dont know i really hae no clue what they want

  87. busisiwe says:

    i am a really great singer and dancer but from where i come from it is very hard for me to go to disney channel or make my dreams come true.please.i wont let u down,though i cannot face my stage fright ,i will get there sometime

  88. Kathleen O'Hara says:

    Hi! I’m Kathleen and I’m from Malaysia. I want to audition for a role in the new high school musical movie but I’m not from the US. Could you give me some suggestions and advice cause I’m hoping to get the role. I have experience in acting from the drama team and some local tv productions and YouTube comedy sketches and I also have a musical and dance background. I hope you can reply to me ASAP.

  89. That’s also my problem I want to audition but I don’t live in America if not I will be staring in different shows already I hope that you can bring the auditions here in Nigeria enugu this 2016 not only for me almost every one I know wants to be able to get a chance to act but because of this problem they can’t I will be honored if you bring the audition here it will be a dream come true thanks to you guys if you bring it to GRA Enugu Nigeria this year thank you for reading and I will be more grateful if you bring the audition here thank you

  90. Not ara cho says:

    So what does it take because I’ve never been into any stage but I would really like too become an actress because it looks fun and it would mean so much to me if I could get in and support you guys in any way.

  91. Schivana says:

    Hi I’m schivana, and I REALLY REALLY want to be an actress but my mom says, “it’s too far from home and too expensive”, but it’s my biggest dream and I don’t know what to do. I thought one of you guys could give me an idea.

  92. Nathan uvietaire says:

    i am a nigerian and live in nigeria…i really want to be an actor on disney but dont know how..i study theatre arts in school.pls help me.

  93. BabyAngel says:

    I need so much help rn. I have an ultimate plan, okay? So I’m planning to start online school next year and take my dancing and acting seriously as a career. Because many people say I’m an amazing actress. And not to be a self-involved or shallow person but I know that Disney wants pretty, talented girls and… I am one. I can act, sing and dance. The thing though… I haven’t told my parents… I’m short… and I live in South Africa… 🙁 Omg what am I gonna do? This is my dream.

  94. PRAVEEN says:

    Hi i am praveen from srilanka ,love to work with disney how is it possible

  95. I want to be an actress for Disney. But I’m from India. Are there any auditions in India happening?

  96. Hi I’m glad this website is here I’m vary scared about auditioning to Disney Chanel because I just know I won’t get the part it’s like a 1-2% chance out of 10,000 of getting the role but I won’t give up because any thing can happen if you believe in your self and others .

  97. victoria says:

    Hi there I really found this article interesting and helpful…my name is victoria and I’m 15 I’m half British and half Nigeria I live in Britain for 8 years….i am a very good actor and would love if you are casting any calls for auditions you inform me…..that is if it’s not in house casting….thanks for reading hope to he’s from you soon..

  98. Hello,
    it’s my big dream to become an actress but after I arrive to USA I will be already 18 yo. Is there a chance that Disney Channel will give me a role or I will be too old?
    Thank you,

  99. where is it taken place

  100. I would like to be on the Disney channel. I love to act cause it’s my dream to become an actress. I wish I can be chosen to Disney Channel . If you choose me you want be disappointed.I promise to love it

  101. Can any body help me find out where to start? PPPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Misheal Kennedy says:

    Hi my name is Misheal Kennedy I love to sing and act I will love to be on Disney channel but I don’t know where to start can u pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee give me a chance and I will surprise you

  103. Is it a problem if i live in europe i really wanna be in the disney channel im 16 and i take acting lessons.My dream is to become a succsessful actress in the future

  104. Latynia Mitchell-Taylor says:

    Wow, My girls are so excited about, this opportunity. They have watched Disney shows for years now, and now they get a real chance to be part of the show. They are regular little girls, and I always tell them they can do anything, they set their minds to…so homely we see you in DECEMBER 2016..

  105. I really want to be an actress, singer and dancer but its hard since my parents have to work a lot, and I don’t have much experience.

  106. Tyrique foreman says:

    I want to becom an actor for Disney Channel and I don’t know where to begin, I really don’t want to be late for any auditions and I want to know when they’re casting ,I REALLY NEED SOMEBODY’S HELP !!!!!!

  107. Princess mason says:

    Can I audition I was looking up and down to find a audition in new York city but nobody had any shows yet plz help

  108. Hi My Names Richard But every One Calls Me Ricky and I’m 15 and i just moved to La from Louisville Ky with my auntie. i’m a rapper singer song writer and dancer and i really wanna be a Disney channel actor I’ve watched Disney Channel and Nickelodeon all my life but i don’t know when you Guys are Having Auditions could some one please help wit info thank you

  109. Penny forrester says:

    Im a 15 y.o girl unfortunately from iran
    I write my songs all by myself Till now i wrote 287 songs
    Every body tell me that my voice is like lady gaga
    I can keep my high note around 38 seconds
    And i can acting very well
    I want to be famouse
    Please help me and give me a chance

  110. Miracle Hachikaru Eric Aso says:

    I. Would love to be a Disney actress but I just don’t know how to start and I live in Ghana I just don’t know what to do I have also tried to apply online but don’t know what is going on I need help!!!!.

  111. Chloe Mann says:

    Do they hold auditions in Florida

  112. I always wanted to become a disney actress,but there is a problem and that is i am from nigeria and i don’t know where to audition niether do i know how to send a video so pls help me

  113. How you guys can help my daughter she is 7 year old please help me shis is her biggest dreams to be come a star

  114. Hi I am a actor and the big dream for me is going on TV what website should I go on to sign up?

  115. Jazlyn Appolon says:

    Hi I also would like to audition for Disney I have the experience i don’t know where to start is anyone able to get me with a Casting directore

  116. Jazlyn Appolon says:

    Hi I also would like to audition for Disney I have the experience i don’t know where to start is anyone able to get me with a Casting director

  117. i have sign up for disney chanel audition in bangkok is there any chance that i might get in disney channel

  118. I am so excited about this but I don’t care if a don’t get this be it will be amazing be an big opportunitie for me and family I love acting and I hope I get the part thank you I LOVE DISNEY

  119. Dhestiny Roberts says:

    Hello! I was wondering if we needed to memorize a monologue before going to an open casting call? I didn’t see anything under this page that stated if we would read off sides given to us at the audition, or how much time we would be given to look over those sides. I want to be as prepared as I can :). If we do need to have a piece memorized, do we bring in a copy of it? Also, what type of monologue would your company be looking for? Is there somebody I can contact to ask these questions?
    -Thank you for your time.



  1. Scott Tucker says:

    Scott Tucker

    What to Expect from Auditions for Disney Channel If You’re A Newbie