Video: What Are Employers Hiring Entry Level Staff Looking For?

What are employers looking for when they hire entry level staff? It’s the great unknown…or is it?

Brian Clapp, Director of Content for just returned from an industry conference where a panel of human resources executives, in charge of hiring entry level employees, explained the key attributes they look for in an employee. Brian is sharing their thoughts with you in this short video.

Video Transcript: What are Entry Level Employers Looking For?

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Brian Clapp, Director of Content: You would laugh really hard at me if I started this video by dropping some Eminem lyrics on you – so I’m not going to do that.

But there is a theme of one of his songs that I want to hammer into today, and that’s when he talks about, “You only have one shot, one opportunity so don’t blow it” and that is so true in the entertainment industry. (8 mile BABY!)

I just got back from a industry conference, and there was a panel of entry level employers and human resources executives talking about what they look for when they start the hiring process or when they are looking at resumes. And they all hammered home the importance of a first impression.

When they get a cover letter they are looking for proof you paid attention to their business, not just [insert employee name here] form letter that you’ve mailed out to hundreds of companies.

They want to see some customization, that you have taken the time to do some research and learn what is important about their business.

Do the same thing with you resume, make sure you alter your resume each time when you send it to an entry level employer because each person is going to be looking for something different – that’s part of your research process.

If your first communication is through email, make sure you check all of your grammar and make sure your message gets across the right way and it’s not some form letter.

The other thing they all emphasized is that the first step they make, after they’ve decided you have the skills necessary  to do the job, their first stop is LinkedIn.

They are going to look at your other social media profiles but their first stop is LinkedIn  (speaking fo which you should join our entertainment careers LinkedIn group!) so make sure you have an updated, and intelligent and professional LinkedIn profile that really  hammers home all of your skills and objectives. Entry level employers expect you to have a LinkedIn account that highlights you in a professional manner.

If you do all these things you’ll be able to make the right impression on entry level employers and make it to the next phase of the interview process.

Have you messed up a first impression before? Let us know in the comments – we’ll be your shoulder to cry on…

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  1. Hey Brian it’s good to see some new stuff from you my friend ! 🙂 I hope you’re doing well I’m doing a good job of keeping my LinkedIn update from my perspective but I wanted to make sure my cover letter stands out from the pack . And as you say communicates the right message . This is a recent cover letter I did for an internship with Fox studios in Beautiful Santa Monica California !!! 🙂 let me know what you think if possible
    Also thank you for your advice about breaking in to the industry when you’re in a Wheelchair it’s really been helping a lot ! 🙂 have you ever considered writing an article about that since you seem to have some knowledge about that when we spoke last time ?! You’ve been a great resource so far 🙂
    Anyway just a thought here is the cover letter To Whom It May Concern: 20th Century Fox cover letter

    I am writing to express my interest in the 2016 undergraduate comedy and drama developmentSummer internship position with 20th Century Fox tracking codeFFE0003617.
    Ever since I was little I have sought to immerse myself in the media/entertainment industry. I love the immediate power and influence that television has as a means to draw emotions to the surface. When I was one years old I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As such, media/entertainment became a way for me to embrace who I am as an individual. As I grew older I realized that I could turn my passion and for that matter my fascination into a living goal. I have a strong desire to work in the entertainment/media production industry upon graduation from Florida Atlantic University, and I believe that by being selected to be a part of your distinguished-internship program it will allow me to gain further experience and insight into the industry by being able to learn and grow within One of the most respectable studios in The business.

    Simultaneously, I believe that you will quickly recognize that my determination, passion, creative ability, communication skills, leadership skills and dedication will be able to benefit your organization as well.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Garrett R. Mayersohn

    thanks for all your help
    Nothing but the best always

    • This reads more like the intro to a college essay than a professional cover letter for a job

    • Garrett – always good to hear from you! I think you’ve done a really nice job of including your passion and emotion for the business in your cover letter – nice work! I would suggest adding in any experience you have as well, something that can show them you will be an asset to their organization. Don’t take out anything you’ve written so far, just add a little more about what you can do and what you have learned while in school etc.

      Good luck – if you get the internship i want you to do a guest post for us! – Brian


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