Understanding the Growing Field of Digital Content

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The interconnected world of digital media is worth understanding to get ahead in the entertainment industry

No longer are we confined to learning information by what is published in the newspaper or broadcast on the TV – we are a digital world, which means there are more jobs than ever on the digital side of information.

Every radio station, TV station, film studio, music label and entertainment job board has a website that provides unique digital content – so why not get in on the trend?

Digital Content Managers, Producers, Associates, Coordinators, Specialists – all work toward a similar goal, create and execute on a strategy for engaging their audience with various types of unique content.

So how do you get in on the trend?

It starts with research.

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Successful Digital Content Starts With Research

The key to communicating with your audience is utilizing data sources to know where they hang out – it doesn’t make sense to craft a bunch of Vine videos if your audience is 40 somethings. And it doesn’t make sense to create 3,000 word articles if your audience is Millenials.

Maybe Linkedin is your perfect audience and Google Plus isn’t, it doesn’t pay to be everywhere doing everything just for the sake of it, have a plan and a reason for the plan.

Success Metrics for Digital Content Jobs

To really succeed in these digital content roles means you not only can write, communicate visually and turn complex concepts into easy to understand topics – it means you keep up with trends.

How are people sharing information? How does this fit into our strategy? How can we leverage this technique for greater exposure?

Digital content jobs change faster and are more agile than TV or newspapers have ever been – since the dawn of Facebook there have been a thousand other information delivery systems – 6 second videos, 15 second videos, image-based, graphics-based you name it.

There are countless niche’s out there in social town, but again, don’t chase each new emerging technology like a cat after a light pointer, discover if it is a match for your business, and better yet your intended audience, before dedicating your precious time to it.

Find Digital Content Jobs

If you want to work in digital content you better be ready to move fast. Follow this link to find all of our active jobs in digital content.

About Brian Clapp

Brian Clapp has worked in the broadcast media for over 14 years as a writer, editor, producer & news director. After beginning his career in Atlanta at CNN/Sports Illustrated, he switched coasts to Seattle to work at Fox Sports Northwest. In 2010, Brian began pursuing a new found passion on the digital media side, launching a successful website and then taking on the role of Director of Content for WorkinSports.com & WorkinEntertainment.com.

Recently Brian has become addicted to Google+ and LinkedIn so add him to your circles and make him a contact. No seriously, you should.


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