TV Fail: When Your Mistake Reaches Millions of Viewers

crisis in kiro


Most of us work in obscurity, our mistakes happen and outside of our boss yelling at us, we generally go through the rest of our day unscathed.

Not so for TV people.

Typos, bloopers and on camera gaffes are not only shown to the large viewing audience, but then they are picked up by industry blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of social media so that your TV fail lives on.

Like this little gem on KIRO-TV in Seattle, the 12th largest market in the US with over 1.8 million TV households. This graphic operator is so used to typing his own call letters, that when the assignment came across to build an over the shoulder “Crisis in CAIRO” graphic it just came out of his fingers KIRO, which rhymes with Uh Oh.

Wear your mistake with pride, but just know you still aren’t as bad as this guy.

We watch a lot of TV, but we can’t possibly catch all of the mistakes out there. If you see something unintentional that makes you laugh, chances are we will too, so send it to me: bclapp at

We’ll give you a shout out and link to your Twitter profile… or we can Photoshop a picture of you posing with Vin Diesel, whichever you prefer.


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