Top Skills Required to be a Successful DJ

skills needed to be a dj

Want to become a DJ and inspire an audience of thousands?

This article is a guest contribution from freelance writer Stephen Roshy

DJs are individuals that put life in any music show or dance party. As a DJ you may be physically hidden from actual participants on the dance floor, but presence is nevertheless felt to keep the ambiance of the hall active at all times.

Apart from simply changing the sequence of tracks according to the theme of the party, there is much more to that what a DJ has to offer.

Let’s discuss some of the core and top skills a DJ requires in order to rock the place and be among the top names in the business.

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Creatively use Midi controllers

A device like turntables and vinyl-only DJs are things of the past and are no longer enough to light the music atmosphere.

DJs nowadays should get thoroughly familiar with the Midi controllers and their proper usage. The advancement of music technology is gaining pace and demand to create dynamic and live remixes are something top DJs effectively come up with.

Creating multi-layer remixes is the creativity that makes a DJ stand apart from the rest.

Expert of Networking Online

DJs need to be able to market themselves while developing a brand and social media is one of the most effective manners to do so. Imagine the power of growing your following and then pushing them notifications of where you will be next. Bring the crowd wherever you go.

Social media also allows you to become a thought leader in the music space. Never ending discussions of music at social media giants like Facebook, SoundCloud and other blogs provides a great platform for DJs to show their creativity and knowledge. They can show their work, meet other artists, share their experiences, stay abreast with changing music trends, the emergence of new genres, and most importantly take part in a continuous learning process to enhance their artistry and skills.

Play with Remixes and Mash-ups

Remixes of mixing just two songs no longer entertain the audience.

Today DJs need to have a wide knowledge of remix and mash-ups and how to interplay these newly produced tracks in different ways. In order to go pro, DJs need to be able to produce their own music too.

Software tools like Audacity, Audition, Pro Tools, etc. allow DJs to mix, remix and produce their own music. Your goal should be to prove you are different from others in the business. Otherwise, any amateur DJ can play a song straight without getting any rigorous training!

Obsession with Learning Other DJ Equipment

You may have your own set of DJ controllers, turntables, etc. but that is not enough if you want to travel beyond the horizon.

rules of music festivals

Be the music!

It is important you know what is extra out there in the market or what the DJ in the club next door is using. Diversify your knowledge of other instruments and how you can make multiple uses from existing ones you have. Remember the more knowledge you have, the greater the chances of career progression!

Be the Music!

It’s true every other person you meet is a DJ today. Even a kid can detail you how and from where to download songs; how to add simple effects from any open source music software; how to mix songs; etc.

Technically everyone is a DJ.

As a result, being a robot and playing a track just for the sake of performing your job is as dull as listening to music in a worn out Walkman. Be more physically and emotionally involved in music just like great examples of David Guetta, Avicii, and many others.

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