The Forgotten Step of Job Interview Preparation

When preparing for a job interview most people focus on how they will answer the questions fired their way, while forgetting to prepare for this equally important task. Find out what we mean in this short video:

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Video Transcript for “The Forgotten Step of Job Interview Preparation”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: If you are preparing for a job interview, the most important thing you need to do is figure out how you are going to answer the questions that come at you – but a very close second is preparing what questions you are going to ask back.

I had a mentor once who told me, “You’ll know whether hiring someone is a possibility when you ask them questions, you’ll know if they are a front-runner by the questions they ask you.”

job interview preparation

The room may look cool now, but if you aren’t prepared for your job interview this room will start to look like a torture chamber

I thought that was really intelligent because anyone should be able to prepare for how to answer questions that come at them if they are a viable candidate for the job, that isn’t the great differentiator. When someone has the opportunity to ask questions, it shows how they think about the entire business and that is when and interviewer often determines if the candidate before them is the best candidate.

When you are preparing the questions you are going to ask, keep a couple things in mind:

1: Brevity is the trait of champions. There is nothing more annoying than asking someone ‘what questions do you have for me?’ and they respond with a 4-minute rambling mess that shows they either can’t be concise with their thoughts or they hadn’t prepared a question and are just stalling in hopes something pops into their head to ask.

Being brief and to the point with the questions you ask is a smart play, it shows confidence.

2: Try to think big. Ask questions that show you know the industry at large, including trends and recent developments. Try to think how the job you are applying for and where the business is going all intertwine. Show that you have an idea how revenue is generated and how your role will play a part.

These are the type of things you want to dig into and show you have great knowledge of the industry and the business.

Having the opportunity to ask questions back to your interviewer is your chance to show how smart and connected you are, so put just as much time and effort into the questions you plan on asking, as you will into the questions you expect to be asked of you.

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