The Entertainment Industry Has Diverse Job Needs

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The entertainment business has a need for people with diverse skills like cyber security, accounting and marketing. It’s not all about the stage.

The entertainment industry was, at one time, a much more impenetrable thing. Now, however, there are seemingly countless roles to fill, spanning a wide range of skill sets.

This is not unique to entertainment, as the rise of the internet and technology has increased both need and access in once-niche industries.

With this wider accessibility, though, has also come an increase of need that is not always simple to keep up with. This problem is due to the skills gap, which is an issue across many industries, including entertainment.

For this reason, it is vital that the entertainment industry attracts people with the necessary skills to fill these increasingly diverse and important roles.

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Here are a few entertainment industry niches you may not have thought of, but continue to grow in need and opportunity:

Cyber Security

Cyber security is an issue facing nearly every industry today, and will only continue to grow in importance as our world moves progressively online and digital. As seen by the enormous Sony hack in 2014, the security of digital information can be especially important in entertainment. This hack did not only affect Sony itself in a wide variety of ways, but served as a wake up call to the entire film industry about the potential effects of a data breach.

This is not only true for film, either, but for all types of entertainment. The music industry, for example, has already had to undergo huge shifts in how it conducts business in order to adjust to the digital age, now faces completely new issues related to cyber security.

Piracy has long been the primary cyber security concern in entertainment, with bootleg online distribution of products like albums, movies, or shows impacting physical sales. Now though, the prevalence of streaming services has changed the game of entertainment piracy and fraud.

Illegal downloads are still an issue, but the large amount of consumers who access their content through streaming has changed piracy’s primary impact. Now, having an album leaked online before its release can be a serious issue, especially with things like advance streams available for reviewers or to premiere an album. This makes it important for preventative cyber security measures to be devised.


Regardless of the industry, the management and utilization of money is something that can make or break a company.

accouting jobs in entertainment

Estimated to have lost $50 million at the box office, the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot could have benefited from some savvy accountanting to help manage the financial loss

In the entertainment industry, this is especially important, as there are frequently large amounts of money being spent on projects with tight profit margins responsible for future financial decisions. In fact, according to The University of Alabama at Birmingham, the entertainment industry is among the best opportunities for someone looking for an accounting job outside traditional financial fields.

In film, for instance, large amounts of money are spent up front in hopes of making that money back when the movie comes out. This means that having the right people working on the financial side of things can make or break a company. The massive budgets of these films do not exist in a vacuum, either. If a major blockbuster movie winds up losing money, it has the potential to have a ripple effect that impacts future film projects by that studio.

If a $100 million film is a flop, and only brings in $80 million, then the money for a smaller, $20 million film planned down the line may not be there anymore, and the film’s production could be delayed, canceled, or stuck in years of production hell.

Accounting and financial management are incredibly important in other fields of entertainment, as well. In the music industry, for example, properly managing and understanding finances is essential to things like touring. This is because before bands even hit the road, there are serious financial considerations that need to be made, with frequent changes further complicating things.

For instance, the fee for foreign artists to acquire the necessary work permits from the U.S. Government to tour in America is set to increase 42%, from $325 to $460 per act. While this increase may seem like a simple thing to account for financially in the scope of a single band, this is more complicated when looked at from the perspective of a record label or artist management that is dealing with numerous acts and their finances.


For as long as entertainment has existed, there have been people trying to find new ways to convince others to spend their money on it. Now, however, the marketing of entertainment is in need of people that have a fresh approach to marketing. With the rise of the internet, and consumers’ ability to access entertainment when and how they want thanks to technology like streaming services, entertainment brands need to connect with consumers through their marketing more than ever.

This is especially the case for different types of live entertainment. Since there are so many entertainment options available now, finding ways to sell consumers on the value of a particular live experience is crucial to actually earning their business. Even if it’s something like offering ridiculous food items at an MLB game to make the experience memorable, entertainment marketing needs to be highly adaptable and innovative, or else it is likely to be beat out by other options.

The entertainment industry is in greater need of diverse skillsets than ever. This means that working within these industries is now more accessible for a greater range of people. Just because you work in a “normal” field does not mean that there is not a place for you in show business.

In fact, it actually ensures that you do have a place.



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