The Best Movies of 2015 and the Best Editing All in One

If you were tasked with the assignment of creating a piece of content highlighting the top movies of the year 2015 – how would you do it?

The easy answer is the ever popular listicle. The headlines would create themselves – “The Best Movies of 2015 That You’ll Hate Yourself if you Don’t Watch Today” or “The 25 Most Binge Worthy Movies of 2015” or… have I bored you yet?

Listicles are conventional and easy. Rolling Stone film critic and editor David Ehrlich is neither.

The editorial artist decided against the easy route and instead took the Robert Frost method to heart,  taking 25 movies, over 40 hours of film, and creating his own celebratorial video essay. His own story emerged from his editorial choices, weaving the fabric of each film into similar patterns and visuals. Countless clips stitched together and orchestrated seamlessly.

It’s nothing short of brilliant.

Video editing is an unheralded art form. The endless search for the perfect visual you know is out there, you remember it recess of your mind. For some, it’s just a three second clip, but for you it is the perfect compliment to the script, the music and the shots before and after. That extreme attention and holistic vision is what makes correctly edited video montages, like this one, so powerful.

I’m in awe. I really am. Even if Magic Mike 2 got a little too much play.
best movies of 2015
Please enjoy and share your comments below.

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