Ten Things You Need to Know Before Working in Entertainment

work in entertainment

Working in the entertainment industry presents its own unique challenges

Working in entertainment is unlike anything you have experienced before.

You need ruthless determination to keep up with this fast-paced work environment and you need to be ready to face the personal challenges that come with the job.

Remember that the rewards in the entertainment business are just as high as the demands, which makes your efforts worthwhile.

To put yourself in the best position to succeed in the entertainment industry we’ve compiled ten of the most important things about working in this business that most people don’t consider.

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1. Your Work Persona Has Nothing to Do with the Real You

Whether you want to be an actor, a musician, or a publicist, you will need to create a work persona that will reflect the key qualities you regard as useful in your line of work. Who you are at work has virtually nothing to do with you, your feelings, and your deepest personal values.

The only way to thrive in the entertainment business is to deliver exactly what the industry needs. This entails that you embody these essential aspects simply because they are necessary, even when they are not entirely in line with your personality.

While you may be a kind-hearted graceful person, your work persona must be persuasive, confident, and ruthless. This is the only way you can get through all the challenges that come with the business. In fact, it is essential that you make this separation between your work personality and your own values because it will help you steer clear of depression and other psychological issues that you will have to face.

2. Never Take Things Personally

By separating your work from own feelings, you can never get hurt. The entertainment business is one of the harshest work environments out there, so you will need some solid defense mechanisms to get through the daily struggles that come with the job.

As such, you should never take work-related issues personally. Try to use even the harshest criticism to your advantage. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, there is something to be learned from any type of feedback. This is what you should concentrate on because it will help you develop into a better professional.

3. Get Ready for a Very Fluid Schedule

The entertainment industry never sleeps, which means that you have to be prepared to work odd hours if the job calls for it. You will be no stranger to working on holidays, weekends, or even your birthday, if necessary because your work must always come first.

Caffeine will be your best friend because you need to be productive at any given hour of the day or night. Your friends will have to get used to you canceling on them at the last minute due to work emergencies. But remember that it is all worth the effort because the rewards in this line if work are absolutely amazing.

entertainment industry jobs

Working in the entertainment industry takes on many forms, sometimes you are in the limelight, sometimes far from it.

4. Rejection Is a Part of the Job

This is one of the first lessons you will have to learn because you will have to face rejection on a regular basis. As we have mentioned above, you need to detach yourself from the situation and analyze it objectively.

If there is something to be learned from these rejections, make sure you keep that in mind for next time. But if there isn’t, just put the whole thing behind you. In fact, you must be able to realize that rejection in this business almost always comes from personal frustrations, bad timing, and financial reasons. As such, you should never take it personally.

5. Scandals Are Actually Extremely Useful

One of the golden rules of the entertainment business is that “all publicity is good publicity”. While you may have heard this countless times up to this point, you may find yourself struggling with it when you or your clients are at the center of a scandal.

Once again, detaching yourself from your work persona is crucial if you want to get over media scandals with your feelings intact. In fact, you can use the exposure to your advantage and earn some valuable visibility in the press, which actually makes the harshness of the situation worthwhile.

6. Own Your Physical Appearance

Your physical appearance will play a crucial role in your job. You must be inventive enough to make every aspect work in your favor. Your attitude towards how you look will have a defining effect on the success of your work persona.

First off, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and identify your best traits and your major flaws. Then, you need to figure out how to use each of these things to create a powerful persona. There is no place for shame and self-doubt in the entertainment business, so embrace your physical appearance.

You must own your flaws and highlight your best feature, but most importantly, you must never be taken by surprise. Remember that you are your worst critic and that nobody can tell you anything worse about yourself than what you have thought of already.

entertainment jobs appearance

In the entertainment world your physical appearance matters, but for reasons other than you’d think

7. Your Work Will Probably Not Change the World

Before you get into this line of work, you need to fully understand the limitations of the entertainment industry. First and foremost, your work must be tailored to the public’s demands, which could prove to be somewhat disenchanting.

You need to ask yourself why you are pursuing a job in this industry and what you expect to get out of it. If your main aim is to change the world or to make it a better place, then maybe you should be seeking a more permissive area of the media sector.

8. You Don’t Have to Always Agree with Your Public

As we have mentioned above, your main aim is to offer the public exactly what it wants. As such, you must detach your personal feelings from the process to avoid unnecessary emotional struggle. While you may not always share their views, it is your job to comply with their wishes because this will eventually work to your advantage.

You may not always like the artists you endorse or work with, but you must be savvy enough to emphasize their best traits in a way that the public will respond to. This is where the creative component of your job comes in, so use everything you’ve got.

9. Never Be Starstruck, Always Be Welcoming

One of the best perks that come with this job is getting to meet your favorite celebrities, and maybe even your idols. However, you must contain your enthusiasm because being starstruck can be regarded as unprofessional behavior.

Your work persona must be charming, but confident. Never be afraid to approach celebrities with determination. You may be surprised by just how much they value a straight-forward attitude. So don’t get overwhelmed by being in the presence of celebrities. Instead, channel your excitement into your job and be twice as devoted to the project.

10. Your Work Comes First, Always

Availability is one of the central professional traits required for the entertainment industry. The work that comes with this fast-paced sector is extremely time sensitive. This means that you need to make yourself available whenever you are needed if you want to earn a solid reputation in the business.

Working in entertainment is not entirely the glitzy experience presented in movies. It comes with long hours and ruthless competition, so your head needs to be in the game at all times. Your work must always come first, which entails that you have to make quite a few sacrifices along the way.

All in all, the entertainment industry is one of the most dynamic industries you can opt for. Working here will be a true roller coaster ride, but if you are prepared for the ups and downs that come with this exciting job, you will get to enjoy some fantastic rewards.

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  1. Kathleen (Kat) Stevens says:

    My experience at NIKE, Inc, at the helm of the company as Exec Secretary to the Predident and Chairman is the perfect experience for filling this position at Stage. After all, being in the International shoe business, is also the entertainment business. I have personally taken care of the needs for not only the CEO and President but also political dignitaries, sports superstars, and musicians from all over the world. I have organized high profile events and I thrive on deadlines. I can keep a huge crew of people organized and productive.

  2. This is very helpful. I’m a sensitive artist. Write my own music. It’s personal. I still haven’t figured out how to be present in the moment of creating the music and disconnect between sets and before and after so I can be the promotion machine for myself. It feels so fake to self promote. I believe in the music more then myself. Typical musician lacking confidence. How do I make myself get into to self promotion part? After reading this I realize I should consider selling my songs and just living behind the scenes. I get these moments on stage, pure bliss, I’ll miss them but I wont miss all the stress before a show.


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