Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Breaking into the Music Industry

The Grammys are one of the biggest nights of the year for the music industry, but the big winner isn’t always the one walking away with the most tiny gold reproductions of a gramophone. (Bet you didn’t know that’s what it was called did you?) If you do a search for “Grammy Snubs” the results […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – What to do if Internships Aren’t Helping You Get a Job

After watching the Grammys this past weekend, I’ll admit to being slightly confused by some of the categories. Maybe someone here can answer for me — what is the difference between Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year? You would think Record and Album would be redundant, but Record […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – How Much Do TV Reporters Make?

The Golden Globes are in the rear view mirror and the only thing that was truly surprising was how witty a retort Gabourey Sidibe gave to the trolls on Twitter mocking her weight and choice of outfit for the evening. If you haven’t heard, after being critiqued on Twitter by family reunion comedians (i.e. only […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 27th

Seems like this is a week perfect for inspirational quotes. No, not the type your friends post on Facebook from Sun Tzu and Henry Thoreau in an attempt to get more likes and feel validated. We’re talking industry related, relevant quotes that should inspire you to do great things in a specific way, not a […]