The Battle for TV Reporter Jobs: Claudinne Caro’s Journey

After four years of college, multiple internships, volunteer work and many late nights – you probably think to yourself, ‘I deserve a job, I have worked hard at this…why isn’t getting my foot in the door of the television industry easier?” No one could blame you for feeling that way. It should be easier. Wouldn’t […]

Making the Transition from College Student to TV News Reporter

Life is a sequence of transitions, some harder than others, but none greater than the shift from being a college student to becoming an employee. There is safety in numbers while in college – you are surrounded by friends, easily accessible food sources where someone cooks for you and free cable in common areas – […]

Television Jobs: The Truth About Becoming a News Reporter

TV Reporters bear a burden unlike many other career choices – the burden of truth. As a reporter the world listens and watches you, expecting the story you weave to be honest and truthful, something that could alter their perception or they can act on in their life. This is a burden that those in […]

The Secret to Landing TV Reporter Jobs

Part of being a good TV reporter is to expect the unexpected, question things, dig for stories where other people might not think to look and pursue leads with great enthusiasm. This is all very true and could be part of a wonderful brochure you read while sitting in the career services building at your […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – How Much Do TV Reporters Make?

The Golden Globes are in the rear view mirror and the only thing that was truly surprising was how witty a retort Gabourey Sidibe gave to the trolls on Twitter mocking her weight and choice of outfit for the evening. If you haven’t heard, after being critiqued on Twitter by family reunion comedians (i.e. only […]

From Internship to TV Job: Alberto Pimienta’s Journey to Voice of America

It’s the million dollar question – how to turn an internship into an actual career. And we’re talking the kind of career that allows you to pay rent in an apartment building…not your old bedroom at Mom and Dad’s. Someplace named Avalon, Cherry Crest or Park West. Doing multiple internships while in school is the […]