Why HyperLocal is the Buzzword You Need to Know

There is a strategic error being made by TV and radio stations across the nation and unless it gets fixed, local broadcast providers could end up like newspapers, outdated and largely irrelevant. Failure of local broadcasters would be a tragic consequence, since they are not only a provider of quality jobs in small markets, but […]

Television Jobs: The Truth About Becoming a News Reporter

TV Reporters bear a burden unlike many other career choices – the burden of truth. As a reporter the world listens and watches you, expecting the story you weave to be honest and truthful, something that could alter their perception or they can act on in their life. This is a burden that those in […]

Why Working in Local TV News Still Makes Sense

In 2001 Dr. Craig Allen, associate professor in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, wrote what is still heralded as essential reading for those interested in local TV news: “News Is People: The Rise of Local TV News and the Fall of News from New York“. But much […]

Entertainment Industry Roundup for November 15th

Radio oh radio, how have you become so archaic right before our eyes? If perception actually were reality we’d be doing much more that biting off Shakespearean verse, we’d actually be ringing the death knell for radio. But alas, perception is far from reality, and radio may actually be doing much better than people give […]