Why Working in Local TV News Still Makes Sense

In 2001 Dr. Craig Allen, associate professor in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, wrote what is still heralded as essential reading for those interested in local TV news: “News Is People: The Rise of Local TV News and the Fall of News from New York“. But much […]

Want a Job in Television News? Think like an Executive Producer

Simply put, an Executive Producer in television runs the show. They control content, assignments, hiring, timing, slotting – you name it, the EP has final say. It’s a pinnacle position, one that takes years of experience to obtain and even longer to master. Executive Producers have to be decisive, and in so being they have […]

The Best Education for TV Jobs

Since list posts are always a big winner, let’s keep this concept simple, if you want a career in television there are a bevy of incredible schools that you can choose from. These schools have broadcast facilities right on campus, famous alumni, wealthy donors, career centers that would blow your mind and some of the […]

Entertainment Industry Roundup for November 15th

Radio oh radio, how have you become so archaic right before our eyes? If perception actually were reality we’d be doing much more that biting off Shakespearean verse, we’d actually be ringing the death knell for radio. But alas, perception is far from reality, and radio may actually be doing much better than people give […]

From Internship to TV Job: Alberto Pimienta’s Journey to Voice of America

It’s the million dollar question – how to turn an internship into an actual career. And we’re talking the kind of career that allows you to pay rent in an apartment building…not your old bedroom at Mom and Dad’s. Someplace named Avalon, Cherry Crest or Park West. Doing multiple internships while in school is the […]

Career Advice from the Today Show’s Willie Geist

Willie Geist always had a hunch that he wanted to work on camera, but after graduating from Vanderbilt with a degree in Political Science and French it took a little time to get noticed. “After years of writing and field producing for other people, it’s nice to finally tell a story in your own voice,” […]