Video: Where are the Jobs in the Entertainment Industry? (Hint: It’s Not Where You’d Think)

The majority of the jobs in the entertainment industry, whether you are interested in TV, Film, Music or Radio – are not star-driven careers as actors, musicians or TV reporters – they are on the business end of the industry. So how do you get the skills necessary to make you an attractive hire in […]

Video: Tips for a Successful Informational Interview

The age old cliche, ‘it’s no what you know, but who you know’ still holds some value for people entering a entertainment job search. But how do you get to know people in the entertainment industry when you are just getting started? Brian Clapp, Director of Content explains an underused technique to get to […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 27th

Seems like this is a week perfect for inspirational quotes. No, not the type your friends post on Facebook from Sun Tzu and Henry Thoreau in an attempt to get more likes and feel validated. We’re talking industry related, relevant quotes that should inspire you to do great things in a specific way, not a […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 19th

One of the most overused cliches in Television is creating ‘Water Cooler Content’. This phrase has been uttered (at me) for years and I always found kind of annoying to be honest. The idea is, it’s the job of content people to create topics that people will talk about together at work the next day, […]

Entertainment Industry Top Articles of the Week for Sept 13th

The ‘second screen’ experience is fascinating to me. Watch a show, and simultaneously get additional content online enhancing the overall experience and connection to the product. Second screen experiences are a great (Warning: here comes a cliché business term) synergy between broadcast and digital departments in pursuit of a common goal: enhance the content and […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Aug 23rd

I’m a fan of deep niche blogs. There are literally thousands of blogs covering big topics like sports, internet marketing and politics… but what about deep niches like costume design and set lighting? This is the true power of the internet, learning about a specialized trade from the inside out, for free. This week I […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten Links of the Week – August 2nd

As a writer I am often inspired by what I read. Like most writers, I loathe my own writing and love how other people string their thoughts together. Sometimes I write down phrases in a notebook, not to steal at some later date, but to kick start my mind when I hit a stumbling block. […]