What to Expect from Production Coordinator Jobs

This article is a guest contribution from Allie Shields who broke into the television industry as a Production Coordinator and now has advanced in her career to a much fancier Associate Producer role.  As a pre-teen, I was terrified to be caught off guard during a conversation. Ever the girl obsessed with appearing cool and […]

Television Jobs: The Truth About Becoming a News Reporter

TV Reporters bear a burden unlike many other career choices – the burden of truth. As a reporter the world listens and watches you, expecting the story you weave to be honest and truthful, something that could alter their perception or they can act on in their life. This is a burden that those in […]

Want a Job in Television News? Think like an Executive Producer

Simply put, an Executive Producer in television runs the show. They control content, assignments, hiring, timing, slotting – you name it, the EP has final say. It’s a pinnacle position, one that takes years of experience to obtain and even longer to master. Executive Producers have to be decisive, and in so being they have […]

Five Skills you Need to Master for Television Jobs

There are an abundance of avenues for everyday people to get their news, but television is still the main place Americans turn, according to a recent Gallup poll. 55% of respondents said television was their main source of news for current events, far outdistancing the internet which placed second with 21% of the results. But […]

Three Entry Level Television Jobs with Real Growth Potential

If a lifestyle comprised of long, weird hours, urgency around every corner and being song poisoned by the ringing melody of breaking news is appealing to you, a life in Television could be the journey you are seeking. Probably not the ringing endorsement you so desired, but to be honest, that is exactly the life […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: What Does a Promotions Assistant Do?

I don’t know about you, but to me, some of these job descriptions make roles seem more confusing than they really are. For instance, calling someone a petroleum transport engineer instead of a gas station attendant, is confusing. Now that’s not the type of job we have on our site, but you get the drift. […]

A Job Interview Tip to Help You Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Hiring managers weed through piles of resumes, conduct countless interviews and meet hundreds of candidates yearly – so how in the world do you stand out from the crowd of people shuffling through? Outside of your technical skills and wonderful personality there are some tactics you can employ that will help you become employed. Our […]

The Most Annoying Career Advice Cliche and Why You Need to Ignore it

The career advice industry is wrought with cliches and recycled opinions, some of which drive our Director of Content Brian Clapp crazy! In this short video Brian tries to explain why one over-used myth is nothing more than an festering excuse for many people and should be banned from everyone’s repertoire. If you have any […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Is Jumping Jobs Normal?

An accounting major graduates from college and can find job opportunities in most any city or town of any size. Same for a teacher, a dentist or a computer programmer. That’s not to say it’s easy to find work in these careers, it’s just that they are more readily available in most areas of the […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – What to do if Internships Aren’t Helping You Get a Job

After watching the Grammys this past weekend, I’ll admit to being slightly confused by some of the categories. Maybe someone here can answer for me — what is the difference between Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year? You would think Record and Album would be redundant, but Record […]