Combining a Love of Music and Writing to Launch a Career

When the first question you ask an interview subject begins with a response that is frank and honest, you know you have the potential for something really great to come of it. My initial question to Taylor Ferber, writer/producer for VH1, was simple: “You completed an internship while in school with Viacom, parent company of […]

Five Entry Level Music Jobs With Huge Growth Potential

You have a love of music – it moves you, alters your perspective and motivates you. If you are like many other music lovers you’ve come to the conclusion that you want to make it your career – seems obvious to do something you love, right? And while the above passions and deep-seeded emotional connection […]

What Type of Schooling is Required for Jobs in Music?

This question is a tough one and the answer is often…well, it depends. In regards to finding jobs in the tight-knit, music arena, skill is what truly matters, and even though it’s accurate that lots of people working in the music business don’t possess college degrees–several industry careers do demand diplomas, including occupations at record […]

Entertainment Industry Roundup for November 15th

Radio oh radio, how have you become so archaic right before our eyes? If perception actually were reality we’d be doing much more that biting off Shakespearean verse, we’d actually be ringing the death knell for radio. But alas, perception is far from reality, and radio may actually be doing much better than people give […]