Wondering How to Start a Music Career? Ashley Kyle Knows.

Sometimes a true passion doesn’t present itself as a career path until later in life. We all suffer from an ingrained perception that a career is something stoic, impersonal and planned – while a passion is something you do solely on the weekends. Nothing could be further from the truth. For Ashley Kyle, Music Programming […]

Five Entry Level Music Jobs With Huge Growth Potential

You have a love of music – it moves you, alters your perspective and motivates you. If you are like many other music lovers you’ve come to the conclusion that you want to make it your career – seems obvious to do something you love, right? And while the above passions and deep-seeded emotional connection […]

A Plan to Launch Your Music Career

Want to be an audio engineer? Want to be a music producer? Want to work in a recording studio, whether at the front desk or doing the REAL recording work? The majority of those career paths travel through the intern or the “runner” position. It’s a veritable must in the music business from what I’ve […]