Video: What Are Employers Hiring Entry Level Staff Looking For?

What are employers looking for when they hire entry level staff? It’s the great unknown…or is it? Brian Clapp, Director of Content for just returned from an industry conference where a panel of human resources executives, in charge of hiring entry level employees, explained the key attributes they look for in an employee. Brian […]

Ready For Your Entertainment Job Search? Better Do This First

Nobody has ever said job searching is fun. It could be exciting, it could be important and it should be a learning experience…but I’ve never heard anyone say that it’s fun. And before you start imagining this blog post is about, ‘The secret to having fun in your job search’, it is not, because no […]

Four Changes to Your LinkedIn Profile That Will Help You Score a Job

This article is a guest post from social media and tech strategist Camille McClane, you can read more of her work on her blog A LinkedIn profile is getting close to being on equal footing with a traditional paper resume. With LinkedIn increasing in popularity of use, at over 200 million users and growing, it’s […]

Seven Ways to get Meaningful Results From a Networking Event

Let’s be honest, networking events can be an exercise in futility if not properly managed. Actually for me I’ll go one step further; networking events can be anxiety producing, out-of-comfort-zone, exercises in cold sweats. Maybe I have my mom to blame for constantly drilling into my head I shouldn’t talk with strangers, because even almost […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Interview Technique Edition

I have to admit, our weekly Entertainment Jobs Q&A column is one of my favorite things to write. I feel I can speak a little more casually, like we are all sitting across from each other sharing ideas over a good meal. Of course, there are thousands of you and only one of me, so […]

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 2

Job searching is stressful, that is a fact, but if you spend a little time getting your professional profile in order before you send out a single resume, your job search can be easier. That is the premise of this 5-part video series (see part 1 , part 3, part 4 and part 5), exploring […]