A Simple Plan to Start Your Radio Career

Let’s deal with the 500 lb gorilla first – there seems to be some fear of pursuing broadcast radio jobs amongst young people today. With the evolution of internet radio and mobile devices, today’s generation seems concerned that jumping into a traditional radio career would be akin to jumping on board a sinking ship. But […]

The Future of Radio: Q&A with Radio Consultant Fred Jacobs

Newspapers used to be our society’s main source of information for anything from foreign policy to sports scores, but over time, as more options became available, advertisers and audience members dwindled. The death watch was on. In recent years, major market papers in cities like Seattle, Cincinnati and Denver all closed up shop. Others have […]

Video: Skills That Are In Demand For Radio Jobs

The world of radio is changing, with more options for music consumption that ever before. No longer is your only avenue either a CD player or your favorite radio station, there is Pandora, Spotify, Mobile apps, internet radio and more. As WorkinEntertainment.com Director of Content Brian Clapp explains in this short video, the requirements of […]

Learn the Ins and Outs of Brand Manager Jobs in Radio

Passion leads to success. Sounds simple, right? But passion isn’t something you can just decide to have one day. Passion starts early and grows within; it is passion that lifts you up to a level you didn’t know possible. For Jimmy Steele, Brand Manager for Saga Communications Columbus radio group, – the passion for radio […]