9 Common Job Search Mistakes That Will Immediately Disqualify You (#7 is a Doozy)

There are far more than nine pitfalls of job seeking but many of those fall into the dumb, or criminal, mistake category. These are common mistakes job seekers make daily without even realizing how damaging they are. Sometimes they are careless, other times oblivious. Either way, when you make these job search mistakes your employment […]

How to Beat Everyone Else Looking for Entertainment Jobs

At the end of each school year approximately 3,695,000 people will graduate with an advanced degree and, in theory, enter the workforce. The majority (1.8 million) will have a bachelor’s degree in tow and begin applying for jobs – prepared to share their internship stories, shiny GPA and discuss the collegiate clubs they sat on the […]

How (and Why) You Should Delegate Tasks in Your Entertainment Job Search

No one has ever said “I love job searching!” or “Conducting a job search is fun!” It’s time consuming, confusing, and frustrating. We believe you should take a systematic approach to job searching which helps streamline the process, make it repeatable and in turn, less frustrating and time-consuming. One important step is delegating certain tasks […]

Ready For Your Entertainment Job Search? Better Do This First

Nobody has ever said job searching is fun. It could be exciting, it could be important and it should be a learning experience…but I’ve never heard anyone say that it’s fun. And before you start imagining this blog post is about, ‘The secret to having fun in your job search’, it is not, because no […]

Four Tips to Get Hired for Entertainment Jobs

It’s easy to feel helpless in a job search. You don’t get much feedback, heck you might not even get many interviews, and before you know it you start believing that your true goal is unattainable, your college education was just an accumulation of bills and that you’ll never get the break you think you […]

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 4

Every job interview experience is different, but they all revolve around one advanced concept that we explain in part 4 of our job search series (here’s part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 5). Enjoy! WIE pre job search 4 Video Transcript for “Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 4” Brian Clapp, WorkinEntertainment.com […]

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 3

We’ve been in the job board business for a long time, one thing we have learned is the more work you do to prepare for your job search, before you send out a single resume and cover letter, the smoother it will go. With that in mind, we created a quick 5-part series (Part 1, […]

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 2

Job searching is stressful, that is a fact, but if you spend a little time getting your professional profile in order before you send out a single resume, your job search can be easier. That is the premise of this 5-part video series (see part 1 , part 3, part 4 and part 5), exploring […]

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 1

If you are getting ready to start a job search this is the video series you need to pay attention to! Forget about where to send out your resume, or how to nail an interview…these are 5 tips you need to heed and execute on before you send out a single resume. Do these things […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Confidence Issues in the Job Search Process

Welcome to the first edition of Entertainment Jobs Q&A! Over the last few months the staff at WorkInEntertainment.com has spent a great deal of time responding to individual questions, and we all started to think, why not publish some of these questions and answers about entertainment jobs for everyone to benefit from? My feeling is […]