Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Breaking into the Music Industry

The Grammys are one of the biggest nights of the year for the music industry, but the big winner isn’t always the one walking away with the most tiny gold reproductions of a gramophone. (Bet you didn’t know that’s what it was called did you?) If you do a search for “Grammy Snubs” the results […]

How to Leverage College Experiences into High Profile Internships

There is a difference between learning in the classroom and gaining experience in the workplace. Most schools offer opportunities to not only learn practical skills, but to apply them right on campus at a TV or Radio station, Newspaper or Theater. Taking the initiative to be involved in more than just going to class isn’t […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for September 6th

When cable TV came to the forefront it was going to be the death of network TV. Then it was satellite, and then it was DVR’s… now it is digital. The next generation of viewers, the Millenials, watch their shows primarily online, so they belief is digital will be the end of network television as […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten Links of the Week – August 2nd

As a writer I am often inspired by what I read. Like most writers, I loathe my own writing and love how other people string their thoughts together. Sometimes I write down phrases in a notebook, not to steal at some later date, but to kick start my mind when I hit a stumbling block. […]