Work in Entertainment Roundup – July 19th

When I first read the headline of Evan Luzi’s article on I thought it was going to be a sarcastic piece, so I thought to myself, let’s see what this guy has. I’m a pretty simple man, for me to follow a blog it either has to inform me with some real behind the […]

Work in Entertainment Roundup – June 12th

One of my favorite articles of the week comes from RTDNA chairman Vincent Duffy regarding journalists use of social media.  He makes a simple case that is actually very complex in our changing world where news disseminates in so many different formats and often at the speed of 140 characters. The topic stimulated me because […]

Entertainment Career Advice Roundup – June 5th

Let’s get one thing straight, this is not a roundup of box office stats, reviews of albums or TV show ratings because by the end of the week that stuff is already old news. The idea here is to share relevant information, from around the web, that can help you get ahead in your career […]