Four Myths About Entertainment Careers and Why You Should Ignore Them

The world of entertainment does not fit into the norms of other careers, because the path to success is far from linear. If you want to be an Accountant you are programmed from day one to go to college, get your undergrad in business, proceed directly to the best MBA program you can get into […]

Video: The Key to Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

If you are looking for success in the entertainment industry, sometimes it takes more than just tangible skills. This short video from Director of Content Brian Clapp will explain: WIE successful people.MTS Video Transcript for “The Key to Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: I believe the entertainment […]

Video: Where are the Jobs in the Entertainment Industry? (Hint: It’s Not Where You’d Think)

The majority of the jobs in the entertainment industry, whether you are interested in TV, Film, Music or Radio – are not star-driven careers as actors, musicians or TV reporters – they are on the business end of the industry. So how do you get the skills necessary to make you an attractive hire in […]

Four Tips to Get Hired for Entertainment Jobs

It’s easy to feel helpless in a job search. You don’t get much feedback, heck you might not even get many interviews, and before you know it you start believing that your true goal is unattainable, your college education was just an accumulation of bills and that you’ll never get the break you think you […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Do I Really Need to Relocate?

As someone who has moved four times in the last year, I can understand why people are reticent to relocate. The packing, the finding a new home, the cable guy, the forwarded mail, updating credit cards – it’s annoying and moving once is enough to say “ENOUGH”! Entertainment jobs are not like most careers, there […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Is Jumping Jobs Normal?

An accounting major graduates from college and can find job opportunities in most any city or town of any size. Same for a teacher, a dentist or a computer programmer. That’s not to say it’s easy to find work in these careers, it’s just that they are more readily available in most areas of the […]

How to Decide if You Should Take a Freelancing Gig in the Entertainment Industry

This article is a guest contribution from Savannah Marie, public relations specialist and founder of In the arts and entertainment industry, it’s common for people to work as freelancers. Musicians, actors and videographers often work on a freelance basis, especially when they’re first starting out. Freelancing can really be a great thing — you […]

Video: The Skill the Entertainment Industry Needs you to Have

We stay up on employment trends in the entertainment industry, and try hard to share what we learn with you, our audience. In this short video Director of Content Brian Clapp shares what he has learned recently about a skill missing from most entertainment industry job applicants. WIE writing skills needed.MTS Video Transcript for […]

The “Glamorous” Life of Entertainment Public Relations

This article is a guest contribution from pubic relations specialist Savannah Marie To a bystander, the entertainment industry seems like a world filled with celebrity encounters, red carpet parties and limousine rides. Those perks can become available to people who achieve high levels of success, but in order to even have a chance of reaching […]

How to Leverage College Experiences into High Profile Internships

There is a difference between learning in the classroom and gaining experience in the workplace. Most schools offer opportunities to not only learn practical skills, but to apply them right on campus at a TV or Radio station, Newspaper or Theater. Taking the initiative to be involved in more than just going to class isn’t […]