Video: How To Make a Demo Reel Part 5 – Staying Mentally Strong

There is something extremely vulnerable about working on camera – you are essentially showing yourself to the world and whispering softly, ‘please like me’. In the final edition of our 5-part series on how to make a demo reel, Director of Content Brian Clapp explains how to stay mentally strong as you start sending […]

Video: How to Make a Demo Reel Part 4 – Where to Send Your Demo Reel

You’ve labored over making your demo reel. You’ve practiced, compiled, edited, adjusted, tweaked, sought out advice – and you finally have a finished product. Now what? Former News Director and current Director of Content for, Brian Clapp explains two techniques for seeking out opportunities in this short video. If you think this advice can […]

Video: How to Make a Demo Reel Part 3 – Take the Time to Prepare

Knowing how to prepare for coveted on camera career opportunities is a skill that can separate you from the pack. In part three of our “How To Make a Demo Reel” series Director of Content and former TV News Director Brian Clapp, discusses how to prepare so you are ready for all opportunities at […]

Video: How to Make a Demo Reel Part 2 – Owning Your Personality

In part one of our ‘How to Make a Demo Reel’ series, Director of Content Brian Clapp discussed the propoer format for a demo reel, in part two he dives into the personality traits that need to be communicated on your reel. If you have questions after watching the video, include them in the […]

Video: How to Make a Demo Reel Part 1 – The Format

Entertainment careers are different than most, many require a performance element or tangible work that can be displayed. A demo reel helps you present your skills to a hiring manager, whether you want to work in visual arts, as a TV news reporter, sportscaster, DJ, producer editor…you name it. Any job that can be enhanced […]