The Secret to Advancing in Entertainment Careers

If you’ve watched any of the videos from our Director of Content, Brian Clapp, you probably realize by now he thinks job seekers should obtain hard skills, and be able to show potential employers an ability to do something. In this video, he’s sharing the secret for advancement in entertainment careers, and for that, it […]

How to Avoid the Career Mistakes People Make in College

Breaking into the entertainment industry requires hard work and a plan – but it also requires taking advantage of all the resources you have at your fingertips. Brian Clapp, Director of Content explains in this short video how to avoid the career mistakes people make while in college. If you think this video can […]

Video: How to Start a Successful Radio Career

Radio careers often appear glamorous from the outside – being on air, cracking jokes, playing your favorite tunes and having the local community know exactly who you are – but like any career it takes hard work in the early stages to even get to the exciting part. If a radio career is your goal, […]