Job Interview Mistakes That Will Really Hurt Your Chances Part 1

Sometimes you set up an interview and after it’s done you sit back and think – wow, that was a gold mine of information. That happened recently when I interviewed a Director of Sales for an entertainment company. I asked for a list of his biggest pet peeves when he conducts interviews, he gave me […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: The Wrong Way to Apply for Jobs

Our Entertainment Jobs Q&A column is going video style again – this week we handle a question from Annabel who wants our opinion on a job application technique. Enjoy! WIE shotgun resume technique.MTS Video Transcript: “Entertainment Jobs Q&A: The Wrong Way to Apply for Jobs” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: Our Entertainment Jobs Q&A […]

The Type of Skills you Need for Entertainment Jobs Director of Content Brian Clapp has a new pet peeve. Brian believes in clear, actionable career advice and when he reads other blogs touting something he thinks is a complete farce, he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Let us know if you agree or disagree with his take on the skills you need […]

Essential Tips for Becoming a Radio Host

Becoming a radio host is a highly desired and competitive job, so how do you gain the experience you need to make it? Listen to this short video for a few insider tips on the skills you need to develop to be a radio host. WIE Radio host advice.MTS Video Transcript for “Essential Tips for […]

Video: What Are Employers Hiring Entry Level Staff Looking For?

What are employers looking for when they hire entry level staff? It’s the great unknown…or is it? Brian Clapp, Director of Content for just returned from an industry conference where a panel of human resources executives, in charge of hiring entry level employees, explained the key attributes they look for in an employee. Brian […]

Job Interview Mistakes That Can Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 5

Our 5-part series on job interview mistakes that can really hurt your chances of being hired concludes with this short video explaining one last thing you should avoid no matter how tempting it is! Click here to watch part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. Job Interview Mistakes 5 Video Transcript for “Job Interview Mistakes That Can Really Hurt […]

Video: How to Make a Demo Reel Part 3 – Take the Time to Prepare

Knowing how to prepare for coveted on camera career opportunities is a skill that can separate you from the pack. In part three of our “How To Make a Demo Reel” series Director of Content and former TV News Director Brian Clapp, discusses how to prepare so you are ready for all opportunities at […]

Video: How to Make a Demo Reel Part 2 – Owning Your Personality

In part one of our ‘How to Make a Demo Reel’ series, Director of Content Brian Clapp discussed the propoer format for a demo reel, in part two he dives into the personality traits that need to be communicated on your reel. If you have questions after watching the video, include them in the […]

Video: The Biggest Mistake Made on Internships

Internships are one of the most valuable parts of any higher education, providing a first glimpse at a real workplace for career driven people. But many students make crucial mistakes while interning that can hurt their networking ability and employment potential. Brian Clapp, Director of Content for, explains what he sees as the biggest […]