Video: Skills That Are In Demand For Radio Jobs

The world of radio is changing, with more options for music consumption that ever before. No longer is your only avenue either a CD player or your favorite radio station, there is Pandora, Spotify, Mobile apps, internet radio and more.

As Director of Content Brian Clapp explains in this short video, the requirements of radio jobs are changing with the times too:

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Video Transcript for “Skills That Are In Demand For Radio Jobs”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content,

I had a really interesting conversation recently with Fred Jacobs, the President of Jacobs Media, the largest rock radio consulting firm in the US. I asked Fred I said you know,

jobs in radio npr

The key to finding jobs in radio – discover what skills are most in demand

I’m always trying to provide our audience with different unconventional methods to get jobs in radio – so if someone came up and said I really want to break into radio – what would be a different way to go about getting a job in radio?

What he said fascinated me.

He said there are certain skills at radio stations that are necessary but extremely scarce nowadays. He listed:

Now that’s interesting, video production….for a radio station. But it turns out more and more radio stations are doing videos highlighting what their station is doing on the air, behind the scenes type things, out in the community at different events they are throwing or festivals, and then they are promoting them through video on their websites. So there is a combination there between video production and digital skills in need at radio stations.

Also social media, a great way for stations to build a link to the community by providing information and a direct connection to the talent and on air personalities.

These are the things that are going on in radio right now, the shift that is happening; if you can get some of these skills and bring them to a radio station you might be able to fill a big void in the radio world.

About Brian Clapp

Brian Clapp has worked in the broadcast media for over 14 years as a writer, editor, producer & news director. After beginning his career in Atlanta at CNN/Sports Illustrated, he switched coasts to Seattle to work at Fox Sports Northwest. In 2010, Brian began pursuing a new found passion on the digital media side, launching a successful website and then taking on the role of Director of Content for &

Recently Brian has become addicted to Google+ and LinkedIn so add him to your circles and make him a contact. No seriously, you should.


  1. Philip Tobes says:

    Hi Sir,

    I was amazed with your video for people with passion in radio…I want to adapt and apply tips to become a successful broadcaster…which i used to be for more than 12 years in the Philippines.
    How could I possibly enhance my skills and land in a radio job here in U.S A in Vegas..
    I would appreciate if you could spare me of your valuable time by giving me info that would be best of help..

    Philip T.

  2. I need a job

    • Brian – thanks for writing in and you’ve come to the right place…we have over 4,000 jobs on our site right now! You don’t need all 4,000 to love you, just one! – Brian

  3. Don Gatling says:

    I’ am looking to be in radio sales and learn all I can, and be a part of a great team, that will guide me, in to being my own” BOSS” on a radio talk show, this would be a dream to me, and I truly like bring up great ideas, right now i’m doing ideas/ innovations on my own time, and being very creative for myself and others, and putting out new styles of my own / I have some music sound tracks thats been air, and guest what I heard one of my original songs on tv one tv show, I heard some two weeks ago, I don’t know how they got it, but only GOD KNOW’S

  4. Love this video that you did. We have to post a couple of times a day. Check out our rock website with url provided above. Also I love this sight as well. Thank you!

  5. Hi Brian, my name is Suzzy and I love radio so much, not just the music, I would really love to be a radio DJ.I had recently found a job, I was so excited that I even came up with my own ideas of what I’ll be doing incase I got the job.Unfortunately it was a scam, I was so disappointed because I really wanted to major into that.I’m 18 and I know I have no experience in radio but I know I have the voice, the charm, the charisma and passion for it.I would really love if I found someone looking for on-air talent because I know I can do this.Is there any way you could help me ? I just want to do this.I really do.

    • Suzzsy – there is no simple answer. You need a demo reel of your work, you need to intern or volunteer at a station, you need to get an education focused on your love of radio (if not at a traditional university, consider a broadcasting school) you need to start in a small market and work your way up, you need to start your career off-camera and work your way up (which means having other knowledge of the radio industry) …but if you believe and your really want it…you can do it! – Brian


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