Shooting a Bold Scene as a Beginning Director

shooting bold scenes as a director

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Bringing the element of reality is very crucial in telling a moving story.

The audience can relate to it better, feel more emotions and can understand your story better. It is the responsibility of the director to make their actors work together to form a film that reflects the true essence of the script.

When a director fails to do so, the story cannot possibly look good on screen.

The most difficult scenes for any actor and director to work well with are usually the scenes that require intense emotions or require intimacy between the two actors.

Having two actors make love to each other can get very complicated if the director is shooting this scene for the first time. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into perspective, and the actors are comfortable with each other should be the director’s highest priority.

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The second concern should be the amount of skin that can be shown irrespective of the fact if it is a commercial or student film. These things matter and in order to better deal with these issues here are the following few things you need to follow:

Familiarity with the Cast and Crew

Once you have hired your cast and the crew, encourage them to spend time with each other.

The better your actor and crew understand each other, the more comfortable they will be when shooting a love scene.

It’s not necessary that you have your entire crew engage with the cast that is performing the scene. Instead, encourage communication with the select few who would be required on set during the love scene. When everyone is familiar with each other it will help you work together to make a closer version of your vision.

Delay Shooting the Intimate Scenes

Always make sure that intimate scenes are not the first few scenes to be shot.

Even if it is a short film, shoot the buildup scene first and leave the actual thing for later in production. This is a smart game plan especially if you are a new director.

Shooting scenes that require less complex emotions can be prioritized to be shot in the first few days of the productions. This way the director knows how to use his actors to the best of their talents in more difficult scenes.

Do Not Be Unprofessional in Hiring

Always remember that they are not porn stars, which is why they won’t have highly augmented genitals or breasts. If there is something that you would like to be changed in their body since it’s a requirement, then consult them if they can gain/lose weight.

Your script may be about a woman who is an epitome of beauty and may have the perfect hourglass physique, or a man who has perfect abs, biceps and calves, but don’t over exert your actors on achieving that body.

Also, do not select them on the basis of their physical appearance only and give high consideration to their acting talent. Their features can be enhanced through make-up, but good acting is something you won’t be able to hide.

More Discussions

In order for your actors to understand what might be exposed and which angles they will be filmed at, give more time to these scenes as compared to others.

Inform them in the hiring process which shots you are hoping for and if they would need to expose private parts.

When shooting days before, you can also encourage your actors to spend time with each other in minimum clothing so that nothing is awkward between them.

Shoot with Accordance to your Film Genre

Sometimes a lot depends on the type of genre you are shooting. Tasteful love making scenes are used in romantic drama films, however, trashy looking scenes can be shot if a film depicts a gory story.

Do your research well when deciding the shots for the film. Furthermore, take help of things like flesh colored underwear, bed sheets and body parts, such as hands, legs covering the actor’s private area if showing genitals are not your priority.

Camera angles and lighting also help in making the scene tasteful, erotic, mysterious or trashy.

When you are a new director there are things that you always need to be careful about and shooting old scenes is one of them. You must always work professionally and such that your actors do not get offended by that scene.

So it is always better to follow the above-mentioned recommendations to have a smooth shooting process and gain an incredible outcome in the face of a great film.

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