Remembering the Best of 2015 Through 506 Viral Videos

End of the year lists and video tributes are the backbone of December television and digital programming, but are also one of the biggest pains to produce and edit.

In the above video, director, editor and actor Luc Bergeron strung together 506 viral videos from 2015 into a glorious 21 minute ode to the year in virusness. To really understand the enormity of this project, that means his planning for this singular moment began back in January, and throughout the year he took notes, created bins to put videos in, contemplated structure, theme, music and layout.

Bergeron himself claims 260 hours of work went into this project, which I can believe, and even that number is probably neglecting to incorporate onto his time sheet moments he spent thinking about it.

I remember being assigned a task like this once, it was to create the 2 minute and 30 second video recapping the year in the NBA. My network had decided to do a ’12 days of Christmas’ theme, where each day leading up to Santa’s arrival we ended the show with a recap of the year in a particular sport.

Genius in concept, really hard in execution.

Projects like these need planning, they aren’t spontaneous, as evidenced by the 260 hours of work Bergeron put into his.¬†We ended up with 12 different editors running around the newsroom, trying to get suggestions from the staff, “Hey didn’t Dirk Nowitski hit a game winner back in March against the Raptors…anyone remember that?”

Panic ensued.

To do this right you have to establish to goal at the first of the year and set up a system to put candidates for inclusion into a folder for consideration. Then, when December rolls around you have time to look through the folder, pick the best of the best and focus on your editing skills, rather than hunting for the right video.

Sure we got our project done, and they were all great. But I have great respect for accomplishments like this and dedication it takes to create a best of 2015 in viral videos compilation. Nice work Bergeron!

best of 2015 in viral videos


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