Jobs in Digital Media: Prospects and Challenges

jobs in digital media

Staying ahead of the technological curve is one of the key components of success for jobs in digital media

Digital media degrees are gaining in popularity among college students, mainly because of the wide-array of skills and career choices that this degree opens doors to. If your technical and creative skills don’t get you a job in a huge company, you can always find a mid-sized company or startup to help bring to success.

Let’s rely on facts and statistics to see what jobs in digital media can really bring. In addition to great prospects, it also imposes challenges that may obstruct your way to stardom.

What Does a Career in Digital Media Mean?

Students in undergraduate and graduate programs in this niche focus on developing skills in graphic design, animation techniques, and video production. You will need to master the techniques of creating and manipulating digital images, as well as concepts related to computers and graphic design.

Whether you earn an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you should be able to gain employment in companies that create computer-generated effects and animations for websites, films, games, and other media. The film industry is really attractive for digital media specialist, but it’s also very challenging and allows only the best ones to succeed.

In addition to creating special effects, audio materials and visual images within the motion picture and video industries, you can also use the digital media degree to get a job in a computer software company. This is a humbler choice for specialists in this niche, but opens tons of opportunities that help them develop productive careers. If you land such position, you’ll be able to create websites, video game designs, and animations for online publications.

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The government and education industries are also open for digital media graduates. Your skills will also enable you to work for magazines, graphic design studios, advertising agencies, newspapers, and museums. Finally, you can also consider the option of pursuing a teaching career.

Prospects for Digital Media Specialists: How Much Will You Earn?

The median salary for entry-level positions in the U.S. digital media industry is estimated at $41,652 per year. The range between the minimum and maximum values is broad ($29,701 – $60,078). The payments in this industry are usually higher, but you have to be a realist: entry-level positions won’t make you rich. However, this occupation offers a lot of potential for growth. According to the data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for multimedia artists and animators was $69,410 in 2014.

The employment for multimedia artists and animators is projected to grow 6% in the period 2012 – 2022. That is an optimistic rate, but it’s still lower than the estimated average for all occupations.

The industries with highest concentration of employment for digital media specialists are: motion picture and video; independent artists (freelancers); software publishing; specialized design services; and advertising. The average annual wage for these industries ranges between $60,000 and $76,000.

Challenges for Digital Media Specialists

Although there is always a chance to land a job in digital media right after graduation, you should know that the entry level positions are very demanding and not that rewarding.

At the beginning of the career, you can become part of a team that works on production of commercials, e-books, music videos, independent TV programs, and computer games. This occupation involves behind-the-scene work, so don’t expect much public praise when you become a digital media specialist. When you gain enough experience, you can aim for a supervisory role.

This industry is always on the rise, so the employers won’t be concerned solely about your education, but for your specialized skills as well. If you don’t possess multiple skills and you aren’t determined to keep upgrading them for a lifetime, you won’t stand a chance in the digital media industry.

You will mostly work in teams, so you need to polish out your social skills to perfection. With time and practice, you’ll develop the capacity to lead. Then, after many years of hard work, you can aim for top positions on the job market.

Tips: How to Land Jobs in Digital Media

  • First and foremost, work on your resume! If you cannot create a captivating presentation of your skills and educational background, then consider hiring professional resume writers to do the work for you. This is a very creative industry, so don’t opt for the plain-old resume design that will end up in the trash right after the hiring manager takes a look at it.
  • Analyze the trends in the industry! Digital media is all about technology. Learn everything about the current issues and emerging devices. Think strategically and try to predict how the trends will develop and which technologies will dominate. Then, work on your skills and launch yourself ahead of the competition.
  • Be an innovator! Creativity is one of the main characteristics of a digital media specialist. Explore your ideas and try to develop innovative platforms and technologies. Work on your portfolio; you’ll need to impress the employers with your awesome designs.

This is not a career you choose just because it’s prospective in terms of salary. You need to have an interest in technology, as well as great capacity to develop your own designs! If you approach this career with interest and commitment, you’ll have great chances to succeed!

This article is a guest contribution from freelance writer Kelly Brooke

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