Job Interview Mistakes That Could Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 3

We interviewed a handful of hiring managers for entertainment jobs and asked, “what are some of your biggest pet peeves in the interview process?” amazingly the answers were almost all the same. We decided to create a 5-part series highlighting the errors that really frustrate hiring managers.Here are part 1 and part 2 if you missed them!

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Video Transcript for “Job Interview Mistakes That Can Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 3”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content Alright we are saddled up for part 3 of our 5 part series on common job interview mistakes. Now to refresh your memory we interviewed a bunch of hiring managers and asked them what their biggest pet peeves are in the hiring process. Amazingly, they all came back with very similar responses.

We’ve highlighted 2 already…now were on to our third.

job interview mistakes spelling errors

Sloppy work sends you directly yo the NO HIRE pile

#3 is errors in the actual submission. This sounds like something you should never do, but people are at an alarming rate. If you are filling out an application online or sending in a paper copy, you better double, triple and quadruple check it because if you have sloppy work, bad grammar, spelling mistakes, maybe you even address a person by the wrong title or business, which I have seen happen before, you will be discounted immediately.

The person on the other side receiving your submission is thinking to themselves, ‘if this applicant can’t take the time to do a really thorough job, applying for a position they don’t have yet – what are they going to do when they are actually in the building.’ What are they going to do when I have to rely on them to get something done with accuracy, and authority and attention to detail. They are going to fail.

That’s the perception you give off when you do a bad job filling out your own information on an application.

I spoke with a member of a sports organization. They told me many times they are addressed as working for another team. So someone would send in an application to the Washington Nationals and address it to the Baltimore Orioles Director of Human Resources!

The vibe that gives is clearly this person has thrown their resume out to anyone and everyone, they aren’t really attached to this job., they are lazy and they don’t have attention to goodbye.

That is what you need to focus on accuracy – if you are making mistakes like that fix that problem.

Next week Part 4 of our common job interview mistakes series.

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