Job Interview Mistakes That Can Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 5

Our 5-part series on job interview mistakes that can really hurt your chances of being hired concludes with this short video explaining one last thing you should avoid no matter how tempting it is! Click here to watch part 1part 2part 3 and part 4.

Video Transcript for “Job Interview Mistakes That Can Really Hurt Your Chances – part 5”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: We’ve created a 5-part series on job interview mistakes that can really hurt your chances of being hired. This is part 5.

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NO matter how tempting it may be, trash talking your previous employer does not help your chances with your next employer

To explain the framework of where this all came from, I interviewed a hiring manager a few months back and asked him to discuss his biggest pet peeves in the hiring process. He responded back with this great in-depth answer with 5 or 6 really pointed responses. I saw  it as a goldmine of information so I decided to interview other hiring managers and ask them the same question.

These hiring managers came from all across he country, hiring for different positions and in different industries, but when I asked them what their biggest pet peeves were in hiring I was amazed at how well all of their pet peeves lined up with each other. It made sense to craft this 5-part series of common mistakes.

One of the most common job interview mistakes, that I didn’t think was that big of a deal but is to these hiring managers, is bad mouthing your previous employer during the interview process.

Personally, I get it. You had a job, maybe you got fired or you decided to quit, and you think that by explaining, in your next job interview, all the things that were wrong about your previous employer, it shows your depth of knowledge and how you would do thing differently.

But hiring managers see it differently.

The impression you are giving off is that you are not loyal and are not a positive person. Instead you are viewed as someone who dwells to the past and has a negative vibe.

These hiring managers all said, ‘when I hear someone bad mouthing their employer, all I can think of is them bad mouthing me or our company as soon as we give them an assignment they don’t like.’  That is a scenario hiring managers don’t want to contemplate.

They want to believe they are hiring someone who is positive and optimistic and will take on all challenges, but if your trash talking  plants a seed of doubt in a hiring managers mind, they tend to distance themselves.

Instead of bad mouthing your employer, try to think of positive things that can spin your experience forward because that is what hiring managers want to see and hear.

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  1. Need to get on a set asap! Living in Virginia Im ready to relocate and get on a set!

  2. I have watched all 5 of your videos and I have to say I am intrigued at what the hiring managers had to say as it relates to job interviewing. I do have a question regarding video #5 in which you stated that hiring managers hate it when someone talks bad about their employer, their previous employer etc. What is the best way to answer the hiring manager when he/she asks you why you are considering leaving your current position? Do you tell them that even though I have been employed here for 12 years I am not happy with what I am doing? Do you tell them that I am looking to expand my horizon? What is the best answer to this question.


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