Ideas to Market a Small Budget Indie Film

Ideas to Market a Small Budget Indie Film

Marketing can enhance any product’s image and make it shine like a star. To reach out to the world, and let your presence be known, you would need to market your services effectively.

This rule also applies when it comes to films.

Although scripting, acting, and direction are integral for the success of a film, a well-planned marketing tactic can set up a level of anticipation for the potential audiences.

Movies can garner huge commercial success just because of their effective promotions. So unless you plan to have the film as more of a portfolio project and a private affair, do not miss out on adequate promotion of the film. It is the only way to let the people know about your production and get them curious to watch your movie.

Did you know that every producer follows a protocol when it comes to advertisement of their films?

Students or independent filmmakers struggle with the promotions due to budgeting restrictions. They do not have the contacts to have their films shown across the country’s theaters or be showcased in major film festivals.

Moreover, they lack the capacity to do a wide scale promotion through billboards, trailers or press ads to connect with the audience. This becomes the reason why many people do not know about these small budget films and don’t get enough viewership.

To reach to a wide audience and market your film while remaining in a tight budget, you need to have certain strategies.

marketing an indie film

Internet marketing has always been a safe haven for anyone wishing to have a budget-friendly promotion. This is due to the fact that the promotions done on the internet are done with a very niche audience and depends upon how many people can view the ad.

Social networks have come up with their own platforms to make it easier for advertisers to work with promotions and direct them to a targeted audience.

There are multiple other options that can be used for promotion such as writing blogs about it or sharing Behind the Scenes (BTS) shots and videos about the movie.

A well-written blog or an interesting video also have chances of going viral, hence make for good promotional content. A memorable promotion was done by the crew of “The Blair Witch Project” through a video that created a buzz in the audience for the authenticity of the events happening in the film.

marketing a small budget indie film

Merchandising is a big part of the film world. It can help you garner support for your film and some much-needed boost through different things.

Having shirts and caps made for merchandising are really useful when shooting or attending other film related events. It makes you an official part of the movie in pictures and communicates a message of your film’s release through the print on the shirt.

You can stand out in the crowd as well by coming up with promotional material other than the usual items such as mobile cases, wristbands or tote bags for a promotional campaign. All these items are either wearable or can prove to be an accessory for anyone.

Take a hint from popular movies that go the non-traditional route for merchandising. The latest one was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, where they advertised merchandise similar to the actor’s props and encased them in a suitcase for vloggers to advertise.

marketing a small indie film email marketing

If there is one thing people hate, it’s spam emails. You must never bombard your potential audience with multiple emails, instead, send one well-articulated email to get your message across to your target audience.

Have a well-worded message that encapsulates the plot of the movie without giving away the twist in the plot and then provide information regarding the screen timings and the venues it will be displayed at.

Have your friends and family invite their friends through those emails in the vicinity who may be interested in seeing a film with a similar genre. Moreover, prompt the users to send it to more people they would like to see. Add an additional discount code which the people can use to get a discount on tickets for your movie so that this encourages readers to make more effort in forwarding more emails.

marketing an indie film

The creatives of any film are the subject of most scrutiny. This is because it reflects the effort put in the film along with it being the first impression of your film.

So do your best for designing in order to make a movie poster, a teaser poster or any printed material. This helps in people speculating your movie and generating a buzz about your production. Choose a color composition and a design composition when designing a poster.

The movie poster for SAW movies are all based on creativity instead of a fancy photoshoot for the poster.

These little elements make up the promotions for a movie a whole lot smarter, easier and cheaper.

Any filmmaker who needs to improve their audience viewership can adapt these measures and use these things to the best of their efforts. Marketing can be done in any way, it is only you who must make the effort to reach out to people and strive for the success of your film and get recognition for the people involved in the film’s production.