How Writing Skills Can Impact Your Career Success

improve your writing skills

Writing is a lost skill for many that needs to be found

It’s no secret that writing is a handy skill. It’s one of the few skills that can be applied to every area of your life. But do you understand the full impact of your writing on your career success?

In an era where most people are communicating in 140 characters or less, you become counter culture when you can really write, which is a great advantage in your career. Despite the impact of social media shorthand on our society, in the real world people still write to communicate. They craft business plans, presentations, best practices, press releases, articles and so much more.

Great writing skills can help you reach your career goals as we explain below. But if you aren’t a strong writer, never fear, you don’t have to go it alone, there are tools to help you improve you artful assembly of words:

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With great writing skills you will:

  1. Have a Stronger Resume

This one is sort of a given. The first step to getting the job you want, and ultimately the career and lifestyle you desire, is a strong resume. Poor writing skills are a HUGE weakness and will stand out to most employers like a red pen on a term paper.

  1. Have More Credibility

Have you ever read a news story or article and noticed a typo? It’s enough to drive you crazy! If the author can’t even check his or her own writing, what else aren’t they checking? The same goes for everything you write at work. One little typo isn’t too bad. But if you’re the person who always spells weekend week-end, it can annoy your coworkers and make people think less of you.

  1. Get More Responsibility

If the company needs someone to write reports, they’re going to ask someone who writes with clarity and accuracy. If they need someone to respond to customers’ concerns or questions, guess who they’ll turn to? Your writing skills will make the company look good – and that’s great for you and your future career success!

  1. Network Like a Pro

How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know”? Whether or not this is fair is not the point. The fact is, networking might be the most important factor to your future success. And today, networking is done online. Start improving your written correspondence today so you can reap the benefits tomorrow.

Here are some online tools that can help you improve your writing skills and improve your resume, cover letter, and business writing:

Hemingway Editor

improve your writing skills

If you have a tendency to write run-on or complex sentences, Hemingway Editor is the tool you need! The website scans your writing and highlights any sentences that are too long or difficult to read, allowing you to rewrite them so they are clear and concise.

Essay Writing Service

improve your writing skills

If you are not a strong writer, Essay Mama can offer assistance with writing, editing, and formatting. They can assist you with your resume and cover letter, as well as any other professional writing you need accomplished. While this won’t help you on your upcoming business presentation, it can help with your resume, term papers or other assignments.

Grammar Girl

improve your grammar skills

Have a question about grammar? Absolutely any question at all? Grammar Girl has answers to everything from semicolons to compound words.


improve your writing

Zen Pen is perfect for writers who are easily distracted. Just open Zen Pen’s minimalist website and start typing.

Headline Analyzer

improve your headline writing

This one is helpful if part of your job involves writing blog posts for your company’s website. Tell Headline Analyzer what title you’re considering, and it will give it a score between 1-100 based on clickability. Keep trying until you get a high score.

Hopefully, you are now convinced of the importance of your writing skills to your future career success. The great news is that with time and practice, you can improve your skills and catapult yourself to the career you have always wanted. So, what are you waiting for?

Author: Jacob Auden is an avid Copywriter and aspiring Learner. You can contact him on Linkedin.

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  1. I am a songwriter, writer, singer, voice-over, guitar player, radio announcer, public speaker, actor, Spanish fluency, educator, ESL certified, advertising commercials, psa, recording artist.. Without a position, a job on June 14th. Any possibilities?

  2. Brian, Great post. I really enjoyed reading on your blog, Great writing skills can help us reach our career goals. Even if you aren’t a strong writer but you have determination you will achieve your goals someday as a writer.


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