How to Submit a Guest Post

We’re thrilled that you are interested in creating a guest post for, we appreciate contributions from various experience levels and points-of-view.

Before submitting your pitch below please read our guest writer guidelines and FAQ’s to ensure you have the best chance of being published.

Your To-Do List for Submitting a Guest Post:

  1. Pitch your idea to Director of Content Marketing, Brian Clapp using the form below. Your pitch must include: 2-3 sentences about your idea, a potential headline and why you are qualified to write the guest post.
  2. After reading your pitch, Brian will schedule a time to talk with you directly via phone.
  3. If we think your idea has potential, we will agree on a preliminary deadline. will be in charge of all final edits and can refuse to publish at our discretion.
  4. You aren’t alone, we here to give suggestions and edits as necessary through the process. We want you to be successful, with that said we don’t make any final decisions about publishing until we see the final product.
  5. Once your article is live we hope/expect that you will promote your work as much as possible. We will promote it like crazy.

Submit Your Info:

Please send above info to bclapp at